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article imageOp-Ed: Textbook buyback season is here — Where can you sell yours?

By Erin P. Capuano     May 20, 2013 in Internet
During textbook buyback season everyone is looking for the great deals, I'm going to let you in on a little known company that gives you more money back, 2x more to be exact!
It’s that time of year again, textbook buyback season! At the end of the school year we all re-evaluate our finances and find out just how much we spent during the year and sometimes it’s shocking. Want to make some of that money back? Selling your books back for cash online is a great way to make quick money and get the most of your books. Going through your physical bookstore will leave you dumbfounded at the amount they will offer you for a book. You may have paid $200 for that book but they may only offer you $40 to buy it back, sounds crazy doesn’t it?
Sites like will allow you to sell your books online to other students or customers who are taking the same class you took and you can make significantly more back. They also buyback your book for 2x more than you’d get in your physical bookstore. It’s really a win, win for both the site and the student, textbookx has the textbooks that students need and you get to sell your book back and not get taken advantage of. Their Marketplace allows you to become a seller and post your books for sale on their site, students and customers can browse through inventory and purchase their book Used from you if they so choose. The process is so easy that your Mother could do it and you wouldn’t even have to help her. Aside from getting 2x more than you would in your bookstore they also allow you to put your sales on a store credit or have it sent directly to your bank account, if you put it on a store credit you can use that towards purchasing next year’s textbooks.
Textbookx also offers Rentals fueled by their partner CampusBookRentals, New & 50,000+ Used titles and eBooks so when you’re ready to buy your textbooks for the new school year you’ll have a huge variety to choose from. You can choose to purchase from other Marketplace sellers just like yourself who sell their textbooks for less than the new versions. Just be aware when purchasing Used that they are not guaranteed to come with supplemental materials such as Access Codes or CD-ROMS so read the fine print. Each seller leaves a description of the book, its condition and what comes with the title. Textbookx also has each seller rated by their Star Rating System so the more stars a seller has the better of a seller they are. Typically any used title that’s listed as New or Like New is basically a new copy and anything listed as Very Good probably has minimal if any writing or highlighting.
The great thing about selling with textbookx is that once you've created your selling account you don't have to do it again each time, you simply log in and upload your new inventory. You can literally sell textbooks on the fly once you're done with them. There's no waiting to become verified or approved you just make your account and bam, you're in!
It really just goes to show you that some companies do have the student’s best interest at heart and do really want to save you some cash on your textbooks. Education doesn’t come cheap these days so save where you can and always do your research, some of those big name sites may promise you a whole bunch but rarely deliver.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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