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Op-Ed: Man gets caught cheating and decides to escape through the window

By Jonathan Lam     May 19, 2013 in Odd News
A man gets caught cheating with another man's wife in Brazil. Instead of facing the consequences, he decides to leave, but not by using the front door of the apartment.
The video begins with a man and a woman arguing. If we look to the left we can clearly see a man standing outside the third story window with only his boxers on. The man then proceeds to tie what seems to be blankets together and descends down the window.
As the clothless man makes his way down he is engulfed with the cheers and hollers of the crowds mixed with the beeping of car horns. The bed sheets only allow the man in boxers to reach the first story, but with the help of the Brazilian fire department the man was able to reach the ground by jumping onto mattresses.
Should the crowd really be cheering him on? Or should they be yelling at him instead for attempting such a foolish act.
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