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article imageOp-Ed: Gays will sexualize, destroy and ruin Boy Scouts-NOM-Brian Brown

By Duane Buell     May 19, 2013 in Politics
Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage came out a couple of days ago and said "It was the beginning of the end for what was once one of America's most noble organizations." I knew as a Libertarian Republican I was going to again, cringe.
"Today is a sad day for the Boy Scouts of America. They have succumbed to political pressure and abandoned their historic roots in what will prove to be a failed attempt to appease gay activists and corporate donors. Unfortunately, what they have done is say to the world that their oath no longer means much. Their decision to admit openly gay scouts will end up sexualizing the organization. I am certain that having changed their policy on homosexuality, it's only a matter of time before courts order them to admit homosexual scout leaders. Meanwhile, countless thousands of churches will very likely pull their sponsorship rather than endorse homosexuality, and the entire organization will begin to collapse. All of this is happening not because of a true grassroots demand of gay youth to be part of the organization, but by an orchestrated political effort by gay activists who want to punish any group or organization that does not embrace homosexuality. It's the beginning of the end for what once was one of America's noblest organizations." He forgets all the Religious Republicans who turned out to be gay!
I'm still stunned and nearly at a loss for words when anytime a heterosexual group like NOM stumbles over itself over the word "gay", it turns into a mangled effort toward sexualizing everything associated with it. I wrote about that in my article you can read here: Being gay is not a crime. No, Mr Brown, the gay community is not joining the Boy Scouts to sexualize boys, this is a grassroots movement to include gay members who up until the other day were discriminated against for their sexual orientation. In other words Brian, are you trying to say " If I were gay, but I'm not, I'd be like a kid in a candy store. Unable to control myself as a gay young man, but I'm not, and having sex with as many boy scouts and I can, which I'm not, isn't something I could resist if I were gay, but I'm not?"
I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the ignorance your showing. Do you think about sex all the time as a straight guy? I doubt you do, so why do you think gay people think about sex all the time as gay people? My interactions with gay people tells me that is far from being the case. Your saying comments like this don't exactly make you sound like you are part of the brain trust. In truth Brian Brown, President of National Organization for Marriage, it was the gay youth and their allies who testified about the discrimination that existed within the Boy Scouts of America and the Gay Parents of some of these youth who voluntarily turned in their merit badges and awards because they said that in good conscience, they couldn't accept them as long as discrimination against their friends parents and gay youth was tolerated. That it was not part of the Boy Scout mantra of becoming a responsible and civic minded adult who is supposed to be giving back to their communities but doesn't somehow apply to their gay members and the gay parents of their friends were still treated as second class citizens. And if that was the case, then they no longer wanted to be Boy Scouts of America. Congratulations! They started thinking for themselves and that's kind of dangerous isn't it? I should tell you I support Marriage Equality and wrote about it in another article you can read here: Why gay marriage is worth fight to get it right!
Next, what in the China price of Tea does this have to do with marriage? Nobody is talking about marrying off young men to each other! Oh holy Homo's Batman! That's right Robin, we need to jump into the dingbat mobile before anyone figures out the Boy Scouts have little to do with the institution of marriage so we can make our anti-gay rant before we look stupid. I have a news flash for you, you're too late, you already do! Heaven forbid that people start thinking that you are not so much for the rites of marriage as you are anti-gay! Even though you are proving it when something else really dumb rolls out your mouth, which won't take long I'm sure. I know I'm a conservative Libertarian Republican, but it is still comments like yours that make me cringe and get really embarrassed about certain people in my party, because I support the efforts of GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans because equality is not a privilege granted to some that gets to be determined by the elitist few or the religious wing nuts who use their faith as a means to justify discrimination and hate, and that's what it is.
Bryan Fischer of the Christian Conservative American Family Association said the Boy Scouts of America should change it's name to the Boy Sodomizers of America! Here are his own words:
You know what occurs to me and many others when they hear this? It makes me think you are a closet pervert who s really out to lunch! How are you going to explain to God yourself that while you were supposedly protecting young men form those awful gay people who wanted to sell them into the slave trade, that you also used hate, cynicism, derision and division in a radio program call Focal Point broadcasting to many people at once? And again, I find your obsession for gay people and homosexuality just kinda really weird. Someone should have told you at some point that Hate isn't a family value, at least it isn't for most of us.
Frankly, I would not want to put my kids into the Boy Scouts of America if people like you, Bryan Fisher, and you Brian Brown, were leading it. I guess if your going to come out at all, coming out as a totally Looney Tune Fruitcake for some on the right is the new normal. Next I totally support the responsible LGBT parents who have good moral character and judgement, to use their talents and skills to help mentor the next generation of young Americans. If giving back to your community is what makes America great, then its time to include all Americans, and that means the LGBT community as well. Thank you Brian Brown and Bryan Fischer for not only convincing me that joining GOProud and log Cabin Republicans was the right thing to do, but it's time I encourage others to get on board with the NOH8 Campaign as well!
I am a writer for the Buell Review as well as a Contributor to Digital Journal.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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