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article imageNew drug called Sisa is killing austerity-hit Greek youths

By R. C. Camphausen     May 18, 2013 in World
Athens - A new and very cheap drug is killing Greek youth who no longer can see a future for themselves. Sisa is a form of crystal meth being mixed with filler ingredients such as battery acid and engine oil. It makes users violent and kills within six months.
Ever since the austerity crisis has hit Greece, drug use and alcohol abuse have been rising sharply, as have suicides. The larger cities, and especially Athens, are filled with homeless and impoverished people who often seek to escape their misery by taking refuge in drug induced stupor.
Enter the relatively new drug called sisa (pronounced as shisha) that arrived on the scene about two years ago and soon became the drug of choice because it's the cheapest of them all -- a hit costs less than 2 Euro ($2.50).
Easy to make at home, sisa is a deadly mix of crystal methamphetamine filled with the most weird and dangerous ingredients: battery acid, engine oil, shampoo and cooking salt. The Greek independent press eNet English has called it "cocaine of the poor" and the UK edition of Vice says its the "the epitome of an austerity drug."
The extensive article in Vice, with video evidence, describes an apocalyptic Athens the likes of which we've not yet read or heard about in other media: "Several Greek police stations have been firebombed in recent months, so the cops have reason to be nervous, especially when they notice that they are being filmed. On our first evening in Athens, a different group of officers approached us and, after spotting our film crew down the street, demanded to see our papers. They deleted our footage and detained us for a couple of hours, until we’d managed to get our passports delivered to the station. Greece is a paranoid place at the moment. The police, fascists, anarchists, dealers and drug users are all fighting for local supremacy and no one trusts anyone else."
A young anarchist, interviewed in the streets of Athens, has this to say: “How can I tell if someone’s a sisa user? It’s easy – they’re unbalanced, unstable, like a psychopath. They have crazy eyes, are talking to themselves and they are very aggressive. I think sisa is the worst drug in the world.”
In one of the videos, a user relates that the state of mind after smoking the drug makes one so violent that it's most easy to kill someone ...
Known effects of the drug: Aggression, hallucinations, death due to daily use, ulcers in mouth, nose, or intestine, rashes and infections, schizophrenia, emaciation, palpitations and anxiety, logorrhea (incoherent speech) and heart problems.
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