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article imageReview: ‘Living With A Killer — Stuart Hazell’ Special

By Alexander Baron     May 18, 2013 in Crime
Croydon - Earlier this week, Stuart Hazell was convicted of the murder of Tia Sharp. This is the inside story of how her family lived with her killer.
This short ITV documentary - less than half an hour - is a curious mixture of intimate biography and wisdom in hindsight psychobabble from so-called forensic psychologist Kerry Daynes, the latter akin to the sort of pretentious twaddle the proponents of Missing White Woman Syndrome are prone to espouse.
For those who can receive it, it is currently on iplayer, but it will almost certainly find its way onto YouTube in due course. It is presented by Mark Willams-Thomas, and has clearly been in the pipeline almost from the word go. If that name is not familiar to you, he is the man who presented the documentary about Jimmy Savile last year that has led to a massive investigation and a large number of arrests of celebrities. Hazell has little or nothing in common with Savile though, rather one is reminded of the 7/7 bombers or one of the many plausible serial killers we could pass in the street or even live next door to. A man who, although in Hazell's case a rough diamond with violence on his record, is the sort of person we would never suspect of committing so monstrous an act. Burgle your house, maybe; steal your wallet, definitely, but lust after and murder a 12 year old girl? Never. Tattoos and disreputable appearance aside, he was an ordinary bloke. The man next door or workmate we thought we knew, and yet.
Stuart Hazell was convicted of the murder of Tia Sharp earlier this week after changing his plea to guilty on the fifth day of his trial. It is clear from this, indeed has been clear for some time, that Tia was comfortable in Hazell's presence, indeed she was said to have idolised him.
Williams-Thomas speaks to Tia's mother and grandmother, and they have no answers either, though it was Tia's mother who made the most telling statement in this programme; when she was growing up, she said, kids were told the bad man was in the dark, the bad man was round the corner; nowadays he lives among us, and you wouldn't give him a second glance. If that isn't a truly frightening thought, what is?
Tia Sharp captured on CCTV with her murderer. Hours later she would be dead.
Tia Sharp captured on CCTV with her murderer. Hours later she would be dead.
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