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article imageClever Indiegogo campaign hopes to buy Rob Ford's drug tape Special

By Jeff Campagna     May 17, 2013 in World
Toronto - These days, $100,000 can buy someone a lot of things. Thanks to a cheeky new Indiegogo campaign, mayoral incrimination is now one of them.
There has been much talk lately regarding the current, and somewhat abysmal state, of Canada's free press. And with the recent surfacing of a tape featuring Toronto's controversial mayor, Rob Ford, smoking a crack pipe, plenty of Torontonians are worried that the tape will never see the light of day.
The new Indiegogo campaign, which went live late last night, is hoping to put the power back into the hands of the press by purchasing the tape directly from the source before Rob Ford does. But the power won't come cheap: the campaign's funding goal is a steep $100,000. "If we do manage to get the tape, it will immediately go to the CBC offices in Toronto. If by chance we raise a bunch of money and don't get the tape, all money...every single dollar, will go to the Addiction Center at CAMH," the campaign's homepage states.
I spoke with Kerry Morrison, the mastermind behind the campaign, this morning. "As a relative newcomer to Toronto, I've been overwhelmed with how much the city has to offer, how progressive it's attitude and how welcoming the community," he says. "Never did I suspect all of that would be spoiled, by our mayor Rob Ford. The man is a buffoon of epic proportions. He's erased bike lanes across the city, hates streetcars, tried to end all charity runs, stumbles into cameramen, barely works and now apparently is a user of crack cocaine. Enough is enough."
"We started this Indiegogo campaign hoping truthfully to simply draw attention to an issue that needs addressing," Morrison says. "Will we raise $100k, likely not, though whatever we do raise will go to a good cause ( addiction treatment ) and hopefully bring us one step closer to being rid of this asshat for good."
As of 10:30am (EST) this morning, the campaign has raised $1,331.
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