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Stone House lives to tell the tale of two U.S. Civil War battles Special

By Leigh Goessl     May 18, 2013 in Travel
Manassas - The Stone House in Manassas, Virginia stands on the fields where two major Civil War battles took place. Today the property is open to the public.
The Stone House, located in Manassas Battlefield National Park, had served in many capacities since its initial construction. It also lived to tell the tale of two major Civil War battles.
Run by the U.S. National Park Service (NPS), visitors can take a step back into the past and learn about the property and it's pivotal role during the 19th century.
In its earlier days it has served as a rest stop, farm house, tavern, and eventually a Civil War field hospital ─ twice, before being restored back to a private residence. It remained a home until the 1940s. Today it still stands, largely fully intact, as a piece of 19th century history.
The federal government took ownership of the property in the late 1940s. In the 1960s, the NPS began restoring the structure back to its earlier appearance.
It is my understanding the exterior of the house is pretty intact to the original structure.
According to the Northern Virginia Relic Hunters Association (NVRHA), "A makeshift red flag appeared on the building to mark the Stone House as a place of refuge and suffering" during the war. I've seen a red flag hanging at Stone House numerous times when the doors were open, but never realized the historical significance.
Much of the home is original, but some restorations have been made. Everything has been restored to the way it would have looked during the 19th Century.
Owned by the Henry P. Matthews family during the time the Civil War broke out, the family ended up selling and moving away in 1865.
The house subsequently went through some changes between the 19th century and mid-20th century.
The Stone House  Prince William County  VA  as it appeared in the early twentieth century from the r...
The Stone House, Prince William County, VA, as it appeared in the early twentieth century from the rear view.
Unknown/National Park Service
There are two primary floors to the building and a basement. Visitors are welcomed to tour the main level; the top floor and basement are typically closed to visitors. However, the top floor has been opened on rare occasion. Unfortunately, I do not have any second floor images.
The property surrounding Stone House is also a popular destination for hikers. There are many trails throughout Manassas Battlefield Park. (Digital Journal had taken a hike through one of the sections last fall as noted in this blog).
Manassas Battlefield Park is open daily, year-round (except Thanksgiving and Christmas). Visitors can take both walking and driving tours. There are also frequent interpretive programs scheduled and a small museum inside the visitors center with several Civil War artifacts.
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