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article image'Star Trek Into Darkness' should steer clear in ride to the top

By Tim O'Brien     May 16, 2013 in Entertainment
This is a crucial week for one movie. No, not “Iron Man 3” or “Star Trek Into Darkness," which boldly opens today. That film is “The Great Gatsby.”
How can that be, you ask? It opened to a hefty sum last weekend and finished a solid second. Yes, it did, but now “Star Trek” takes off, on top of the still solid “Iron Man 3,” and that leaves “Gatsby” alone at a themed party perhaps. This weekend may prove more of a test for that film than the first weekend out of the gate. The hype and curiosity is gone, so if it does well, then there is something to it.
As “Star Trek” enters the picture, it comes in after opening better than usual overseas, so it is off to a good start. With the success of comic book heroes and sci-fi, it can now be said that the geeks and nerds have taken over - - and apparently they have money. And there is nothing wrong with that, right?
May 16
1. “Star Trek Into Darkness” – 3,762 theaters
May 17
1. “Frances Ha” – 4 theaters
2. “Black Rock” – Limited
 Star Trek - Into Darkness
"Star Trek - Into Darkness"
It looks like it will be safe flying for “Star Trek” as it battles those films already released. No matter what happens, it should be another fine weekend at the box office. With “The Hangover 3” getting a jump a day early next week, they are off and running for your business.
Now, the lists do tend to get scrambled and will continue to do so when a holiday approaches. But, now they are starting films at midnight frequently and even earlier that that, which makes for more lists, even without a holiday getting in the way. When a film opens Thursday, there will be the three-day numbers and then the four-day ones. This is happening even more as well. So, tread carefully when comparing a head-to-head. For example, when this weekend is over, “Iron Man 3” may pull in $30 million and “Star Trek” will get $80 million. However, some headlines may read more, like say, $100 million.
Well, that would be because they added in Thursday. So, this report will have both. Stay tuned. Oh wait, this isn’t done yet. Because “Star Trek Into Darkness” opens wide today (May 16), it meant the midnight and earlier screenings took place. Yes, they did. Paramount Pictures has noted it has taken in $2 million at 336 Imax 3D theaters Wednesday and at those midnight showings.
Let the tracking begin. Or should that be “trekking”?
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