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Mom allegedly tried to sell son on Craigslist

By Syra Sharif     May 16, 2013 in Internet
A Texas woman was arrested this week on charges that she tried to sell her son on Craigslist, however she is not the only one hinting at the problem of depression in parents.
The woman, 29 year old Stephanie Redus placed the ad on the site in order to help find her son a new home. She said that she was desperate to find him a home and felt that she was not providing the best home for him. However, it would appear as though her efforts to find her son a new home were not done in the best way, hinted at a greater problem of depression for some parents.
Upon being questioned by authorities, Redus admitted that she posted the ad and was suffering from depression. When asked whether she was taking medication, Redus said she was pregnant and had not been taking any. Cases such as this point back to the problem of depression which can occur in parents and low-income families when there is a heavy burden on their shoulders.
In an op-ed in the New York Times by Dr. Perri Klass, Dr. William Beardslee, professor of child psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, pointed out that “untreated, unrecognized parental depression can lead to negative consequences for kids.” Of course, in most instances it is much more than simply depression which is the source of problems within a family or one’s internal thought process. Depression can be treated, though some parents recognize that they need to be the one to help their child find a better life. In this case, Redus was doing what she thought to be the best way to get her son a better home. What Redus did not think is that there were better ways to handle the situation, as placing an ad for someone to adopt her son online may not have been the wisest decision.
What may be the most shocking for some to learn is that Redus was not the only one to have done this to her child. In 2010, a Spokane man tried to sell his son on Craigslist for an offer of $5,000 stating that he could not afford to keep him. In some ways, this scenario might be worse, as Redus was not offering any money she had simply put up an ad and was hoping to be contacted. Last year, as well a Fresno woman, who was also pregnant tried to sell her son on Craigslist, but took the ad down once it served her purpose of gaining the attention of child services and the media.
In all cases, the parents seemed a bit regretful of their decisions to post their ads but knew they could no longer provide care for their children. Some may wonder why the mother's in both cases were pregnant again at the time they posted their ads, though the answer may be that they did not want to feel vulnerable, and the situation they found themselves in proved to be more than they could handle.
Depression may be a factor in the choices which some of these parents made, particularly Redus. However, all want their child to live somewhere that is hopefully better for both parent and child.
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