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article imagePat Robertson: Is your husband cheating? Well, he's a man (video)

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 16, 2013 in World
Pat Robertson has advice for women whose husbands are cheating, "Well, he's a man." According to Robertson men have an inborn tendency to be unfaithful so women should learn to live with it, honor their husbands and be grateful they live in America.
Robertson offered advice to a woman whose husband was cheating on her in a recent episode of 700 Club. The woman wrote: "I've been trying to forgive my husband for cheating on me. We have gone to counseling, but I just can't seem to forgive, nor can I trust. How do you let go of the anger? How do you trust again?"
Robertson suggested that the woman would do better to stop focusing on her husband's adultery, and focus instead on positive things in their relationship. He suggested she ask herself instead: "Does he provide a home for you to live in, does he provide food for you to eat, does he provide clothes for you to wear, is he nice to the children... is he handsome?"
Right Wing Watch notes that Robertson's analysis of the situation appears to assume that the adultery was a one-night stand.
He suggests to the woman that instead of having nightmares about the lurid details of her husband's encounter with the club hooker just "Give him honor instead of trying to worry about it."
When Robertson's co-host, a woman, suggested that forgiveness could be "difficult" and that spousal infidelity was "one of the ultimate betrayals," Robertson said: "Here's the secret. Stop talking the cheating. He cheated on you, well, he's a man."
He told the woman to do more to stop the man from cheating on her and pointed out to her something about men she had probably overlooked: "But recognize also, like it or not, males have a tendency to wander a little bit and what you want to do is make a home so wonderful that he doesn't want to wander."
And finally, to all American women living with adulterous husbands, Robertson's message: Be grateful you live in America, God's own country, not Talibanland where you could get spanked by morality police thugs for complaining about a cheating husband, or some Konyland place in Africa where wives are chattel property like cattle.
Robertson: "What you have to do is say, ‘My husband was captured and I want to get him free,’ Begin to thank God that you have a marriage that is together and that you live in America and good things are happening."
YouTube user reactions show that only women seem upset by Robertson's advice. The men seem to just love it:
Magician12345: "See ladies, its your fault your man is cheating. If you could just keep the trap shut and be more grateful for all that he provides, then maybe he'll stick around."
Robertson generously dispenses inspired anecdotal judgement on 700 Club on matters ranging from bible prophecy, social issues, politics to morality and ethics.
He had advised slatternly women to shape-up or risk losing their husbands. He chided: "It just isn't something to just lie there, 'Well, I'm married to him so he's got to take me slatternly looking.You've got to fix yourself up, look pretty."
The Huffington Post also reports this is not the first time that Robertson has advised women not to delve excessively on their husband's natural adulterous instincts: Don't "hassle him about it" he advised, just make yourself as attractive as possible and maybe his straying eyes would notice.
The New Civil Rights Movement recalls that Robertson, commenting on homosexuality, had said that "the union of two men doesn't bring forth anything except disease, apparently, and suffering, and the same thing with the union of two women." He said that homosexuality is an “obsession,” and “a compulsion" and an "abomination." He concluded: "I think it is somehow related to demonic possession."
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