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article imagePhoto: 1939 Jay-Z look-alike sparks Illuminati conspiracy theory

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 15, 2013 in Odd News
A 1939 photograph of a Harlem man with an uncanny resemblance to Jay-Z has gone viral after it was uploaded to Reddit. The photo has sparked lighthearted jokes and reignited old Illuminati conspiracy theories about the rapper.
The photo was discovered by a New York Public Library digital curator and is part of a collection belonging to the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture.
The center has confirmed the authenticity of the photo, saying it was taken by an American photographer Sid Grossman in Harlem in 1939.
The black-and-white photo titled "Harlem Loiterers," shows an African-American, a Jay-Z doppelganger, wearing a pea coat and a newsboy cap, sitting on the front railing of a building and looking straight into the camera.
And thanks to the fact that the photographer did not identify the man, alternative theories are being proposed to explain who he was.
The photo came to attention after Reddit user "jdym00" posted it to the site with the question: "Is Jay-Z a Time Traveller?". The photo drew joking comments such as:
NunyaaBidniss: That's Jay-X, Jay-Z's grandfather. Get with it.
thehughjackman: so jay-z's son just rolls over? Jay-a? or is it Jay-za?
BaronVonKlotz: Apparently, Jaz-O is from the future and travelled back to teach Jay-Z the extraordinary rhymes of the year 3030. That's why his style was ahead of its time.
pinkpools: I got 99 problems but a depression ain't one.
Jay-Z look-alike
Jay-Z look-alike
Sid Grossman/Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture
According to The Inquistr, the theory which proposes that Jay-Z is a time traveler says he may have traveled back to do research and get inspiration for contributions to the soundtrack of the movie "The Great Gatsby."
Critics of the theory point out that the movie is from the 1920s while the photo is dated 1939. IB Times suggests Jay-Z probably stopped over in the 1930s on his time flight back to the 1920s.
A more sinister theory suggests with seriousness that Jay-Z is a vampire. Vampires, according to "experts," don't age because they are able to derive the full benefits of the rejuvenating effects of parabiosis due to their dietary habits. That means that Jay-Z could be hundreds of thousands of years old.
Conspiracy theory enthusiasts have also taken the opportunity to reignite claims that Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce, are Illuminati members. However, exactly how the photo fits into the framework of the popular theory is uncertain.
The theory that Jay-Z is an Illuminati member got a boost after the 2013 Grammys during which he reportedly sported an "Illuminati ring," and his wife Beyonce stoked the flames of speculation by giving what Illuminati "experts" say was the "Mark of the Beast" Illuminati hand signal.
According to the website Media Takeout: "Jay Z must have wanted to get people talking. With ALL the rumors that he is a CARD CARRYING member of the ILLUMINATI, Jigga showed up to the Grammy's wearing a LARGE jewel encrusted ring - which looks like the ANCIENT rings worn by members of SECRET SOCIETIES. Either that... or Jigga doesn't care WHO KNOWS his affiliations."
However, more skeptical folk such as The New York Times' Andy Newman have suggested that we keep unearthing old celebrity doppelganger photos because that is the sort of thing the human brain does best. Psychologists term the tendency to see familiar faces pareidolia and the conspiracy theorist tendency to see "connections" and "patterns" apophenia.
This is not the first time that a celebrity doppelganger photo have surfaced. According to The New York Times, a photo of a prison inmate from 1857 with striking resemblance to Brad Pitt surfaced recently.
The Huffington Post also reports that in 2011 a photo of a Tennessee man from the Civil War era that surfaced on eBay was proclaimed evidence that Nicholas Cage is a vampire.
Nicholas Cage look-alike from Civil War era
Nicholas Cage look-alike from Civil War era
The Thanatos Archive
Cage actually bothered to deny the vampire "charge" against him.
Meanwhile, according to IB Times, the Schomburg Center is asking the public to come forward with any information they might have about the man in the “Harlem Loiterers” photo. Sylviane A. Diouf, curator of the Schomburg Center’s Digital Collections, said: "I was immediately struck by the similarity to Jay-Z and actually laughed out loud... I still hope somebody will tell us who that young man really was."
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