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article imageOp-Ed: The sad state of Philadelphia sports

By Timothy Whitt     May 14, 2013 in Sports
Philadelphia sports seem to be at all time low. All four major Philadelphia sports teams have failed to make the playoffs and only one, the Flyers have had a winning record. It is sad state of affairs for Philadelphia sports fans
This year in sports, 2013 has not been a banner year for Philadelphia sports fans who have had to endure the letdown of poor play by all four of their major sports franchises. While Philadelphia sports fans are used to slumps, having endured them many times before, at least one the teams usually steps up and makes run in the playoffs. but not the 2012 - 2013 season.
The Flyers missed the Stanley Cup playoffs, even though they won their last four games and finished over .500 for the year. Inconsistent play and a tough schedule are to blame. Still, even with such a disappointing season The Flyers became the only major Philly sports team to have a winning record over the last year.
The 76's who had high hopes after the trade for Andrew Bynum, were a total disappointment all season long. The will he or won't he play Andrew Bynum circus became a running joke on both radio and television. At the end of the season both the coach and general manager were let go as the team yet again moves in another direction.
The Phillies are struggling to become a break even team and now with Roy Halladay out and not much in the way of hitting it appears Phillies fans may be in for a long season. The only ray of hope for Phillies fans is the season is still young and just maybe their bats will get hot this year, not like the last two seasons.
The only glimmer of hope for Philadelphia sports fans seems to be the Eagles because of the arrival of Chip Kelly. He has brought a new sense of hope for Eagles fans. The only downside is that Chip Kelly is an unknown commodity in the NFL and has yet to win a game. At least he hasn't lost one either. Hope you like Kansas City, Andy.
According to Neil Hartman of CSNPhilly, it's hard to be Philadelphia sports fan right now because of the sad state of the Phlly teams but Philly sports fans are used to tough times. They also love to vent their frustration whenever and wherever they can. That is why the Philadelphia airwaves are full of disgruntled fans offering their opinions about what needs to be done to turn the fortunes of each team around. It seems the fans are tired of spending what could amount to hundreds of dollars to attend sporting events only to watch their teams go down in defeat time and time again.
Fans on local sports radio station WIP have varied opinions on what to do about the sad state of Philly sports. One caller says they need to, “fire all the coaches,” except for the Eagles where a new coach is already in place. Another caller disagrees, he says the sad state of affairs of the Philly sports teams, “is the fault of the general managers who have all built lousy teams.” He goes on to say, “It seems like all they ever do is trade away all the good players and then bring stiffs in to replace them.”
While blame for the current state of sports in Philadelphia can be placed on coaches and even general mangers who make questionable trades some of the blame must also be passed down to the players themselves.
According to a 2011 article on the website Philly sports fans like, “blue collar type players,” who give their all on the playing field, or ice rink or basketball court. This past year has seen many players not living up to Philly fans expectations and the fans have let the players know how they feel. All the players have to do is listen to the parade of boos and cat calls pouring down from the stands.
The sad state of Philadelphia sports can be attributed to a combination of things, bad management, trial and much error with free agent signings which were a bust, bad coaching, the curse of Billy Penn and more. In the end what matters is the fans and though they love to complain and jostle about their teams, they still love their sports so the fans will always come back. They will fill the seats and win or lose they will always say, “Hey there's always next year."
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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