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article imageOp-Ed: A simple thank you to all the mothers out there in the world

By Jonathan Lam     May 12, 2013 in World
Los Angeles - Mother's Day only comes once a year. For all the little things that our mothers do for us and we were never able to thank her for it, this is the day to tell her.
There are times when our mother does things for us and we do not give her the proper thank you. These things can be the smallest of things such as picking up after you or cooking you dinner. We often times think that is it the mother's job to look after us and cook for us so we may not say the words "thank you" every time at dinner.
But these are the things that we should be thankful on the surface level. I think every mother not only looks after us, but also inspires us and crafts us into the person we are today. Personally, my mother has inspired me to go into the medical field in order to help others that are in need. "To reach your hand into the darkness and grasp another into the light". I volunteer with my mother in the hospital where she works as registered nurse, and she has really opened up my eyes to see how medicine can change people. When I see her take care of her patients, I see a women who truly cares. My mother has made me realize that the hospital can be a scary place for the patients. Just saying a simple "Hi" or refilling their water jugs can go a long way. Ultimately, my mother is my inspiration to become a great doctor someday and be able to help people in the same way she does.
With that being said I am also aware that there are people in this world who do not feel the same way about their mothers. There is a possibility that in the past something happened to the relation between the child and the mother. I cannot say that I know how it feels like because I was never in those shoes, but I think that no matter how bad the relationship is the mother is the person who gave birth to you. The mother has brought you into this world, that alone I believe should be enough for a "thank you".
"Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their hearts forever."
Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's in the world
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