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Op-Ed: Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you

By R. C. Camphausen     May 10, 2013 in World
The title is a quote by Carl Gustav Jung (1875–1961). Were his words meant tongue in cheek, or did he want to tell us that there is no way to define human sanity? A very different approach to this is being taken by Canadian author Stefan Verstappen.
Wheels within wheels.
I didn't know about Stefan Verstappen until yesterday, but I'm glad I do now. Within the context of our more and more mad and destructive world, he's like a small beacon of light. Mind you, I wrote 'light' and not 'hope' -- because that's a totally different story.
But back to the beginning. I remembered Jung's quote when I saw an extraordinary and beautiful title on the Counter Currents website (bad design, good content) that read It Is No Measure Of Health To Be Well Adjusted To A Profoundly Sick Society. While that is a great title for an even better article by Colin Todhunter and worthy of reading; for me it also functioned as a stepping stone towards the work, books and videos, by Canadian Stefan Verstappen, because the list of references mentioned his Defense Against the Psychopath.
Verstappen (I couldn't find a date of birth for him) was recently (May 3rd) interviewed by the Corbett report, but before you rush and watch that 15-minute interview, way more informative and exciting are the three videos I want to present to you here.
What the author has done, is collecting and assembling images that illustrate the words he reads from his book Defense against the Psychopath.
Screen capture from Stefan Verstappen s video  Defense against the psychopath  part 2 (09:12 minutes...
Screen capture from Stefan Verstappen's video 'Defense against the psychopath' part 2 (09:12 minutes)
Screen capture, YouTube
A summary of this work reads as this This is a brief study guide to teach people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators, psychopaths. Of all the criminal types that inhabit our society, the psychopath is by far the most destructive, the most successful, and the least understood. For these reasons, any self-defense program must begin with a study of the most dangerous predator on the planet.
While I don't know the book, the beauty of the three videos is that the star-studded cast consists of the US presidents Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and Obama, as well as VIPs like Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Joseph (Joe) Lieberman, Sarah Palin, Joseph Ratzinger, Condolezzaa Rice, Joseph Stalin and a multitude of others who have shaped recent history.
Verstappen, at home in Eastern martial arts as well as among the political/economical elite East and West, describes himself as an adventurer, but he's a philosopher and social psychologist as well. Asked about racism, his concise answer was this:
I have been all over the world, and every group and race is racist against every other group and race. White people do not have the monopoly on racism. That's a very good quote and suitable for many a discussion of related topics.
What follows are three enlightening videos I can only recommend.
Note. There's always been a discussion about the quote by C.G. Jung I've used in the title, sometimes it was believed to be by Sigmund Freud instead, sometimes the word 'man' was given as 'person.' I've decided on this version after reading this:
On July 19, 1975 The Guardian newspaper published an article by Vincent Brome in which he attributed the saying to Jung [VBCJ]: I set out on a pilgrimage to the holy places of Carl Gustav Jung in Switzerland expecting to encounter the reverence which his name evoked in Jungian circles in London. Instead, it quickly became evident that here was a great man unhonoured in his own land whose name had almost disappeared in that pool of complacency said to characterise the Swiss. Jung once remarked in witty mood, “Show me a sane man and I will cure him for you.”
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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