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article imageVideo: 'Metal Gear Rising — Revengeance' Bladewolf DLC trailer

By Can Tran     May 9, 2013 in Entertainment
A new DLC trailer has been released for "Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengeance." This story-driven DLC focuses on LQ-84i aka "Bladewolf."
Platinum Games and Konami have released the newest trailer for “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” which is currently out on consoles. Even after the game is already out, there is still downloadable content (DLC). The newest DLC trailer has been released for MGR: Revegeance which is in the form of a new story-driven DLC for the game. Like the DLC for Samuel “Jetstream” Rodriguez, this one acts as a prequel to the events of MGR: Revengeance? Who is this DLC revolve around? The answer is LQ-84i aka “Bladewolf.”
Bladewolf is the cyborg wolf that Raiden (the main character of MGR: Revengeance) encounters in the first mission after the prologue mission. He has the memorable monologue about being able to question and analyze orders but not being able to disobey them. Being free from his programming after their first battle, Bladewolf becomes an ally to Raiden for the rest of the game. So far, Bladewolf is perhaps one of the memorable characters of MGR: Revengeance.
This DLC allows you to play as Bladewolf before he got captured and reprogrammed. Bladewolf's DLC for MGR: Revengenace will become available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 come next week.
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