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article imageArmed march turns into massive civil disobedience event

By Alex Allen     May 8, 2013 in Politics
What started out as a proposal for a few people to march into Washington D.C. with loaded rifles is now becoming a call for widespread civil disobedience and defiance of government authority.
Adam Kokesh is an Iraq war veteran and social activist who has been very outspoken about his anti-government, pro-liberty views. He considers himself a Libertarian and an Anarcho-Capitalist and wants to work towards a society that is as free as possible. In 2012, he released a video on his YouTube channel titled "The Message of Freedom in One Minute," in which he explained his views and what he considers to be the overall message of freedom in sixty seconds.
Since the beginning of his activism, Kokesh has been very outspoken about his message and has not cowered in the face of government or any form of authority. In 2011, he was body-slammed and choked by officers at the Jefferson Memorial when he and several others decided to have a "dance-off" in defiance of the no dancing regulations that has been put in place at the memorial. He has also been arrested in his underwear at a TSA airport checkpoint, worked with Mark Dice and Luke Rudkowski in confronting the Federal Reserve police, and participated in several "smoke down prohibition" events.
It was recently announced that Kokesh is organizing one of the most controversial acts he has attempted during his time as an activist. He is planning an Open Carry march in Washington, D.C. in which he and several other participants will be armed with loaded rifles and walk through the streets of Washington.
Now that Kokesh's event has gained plenty of both criticism and support and the Washington, D.C. police chief has announced that the event would end in arrest, he is officially calling for a full scale civil disobedience and defiance of government regulation event.
Kokesh made the following announcement on the Facebook page for the event today:
This is now a call for mass civil disobedience on July 4th anywhere in Washington, DC. Break whatever unconstitutional law you choose. "Law Enforcement" has made it clear they have no respect for the Constitution and so we will shut them down by overwhelming them. I will still be crossing the line on the Memorial Bridge and facing up to 5 years in jail.
Kokesh also announced on the Alex Jones show today that he would be willing to face imprisonment in order to make a point about freedom.
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