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article imageThe Mother Of All Bombs (MOAB) is ready to be deployed

By R. C. Camphausen     May 8, 2013 in Technology
Designed to be able to penetrate and destroy underground nuclear facilities in Iran and/or North Korea, the latest US massive ordinance penetrator (MOP) is nicknamed the 'Mother of All Bombs'. Twenty of these non-nuclear weapons are ready to be deployed.
While the development of these 'conventional weapons' has been going on for years, the early versions of such a bunker-busting bomb have been judged not heavy enough to successfully destroy, for example, Iran's Fordow enrichment facility built under a mountain near the city of Qom.
Therefore, the Pentagon ordered a new line of the hitherto built MOP or massive ordinance penetrator to be built, which was done by Boeing. The new version seems to be a 30,000-pound bomb (some say 37,000) with adjusted fuses to maximize its burrowing power. There's also an upgraded guidance systems to improve precision, and state-of-the-art equipment intended to foil air defense systems.
During the last week, media as different as Fox News, the Wall Street Journal (May 3, 2013) and the Canadian Global Research have reported on the readiness of the new ordinance.
Global Research quotes the WSJ as writing "The improvements are meant to address U.S. and Israeli concerns that Fordow couldn’t be destroyed from the air. […] Fordow has long been thought to be a target that would be difficult if not impossible for the U.S. to destroy with conventional weapons."
Although this is regarded as conventional weaponry, there's a built-in shock-and-awe feature as well. On explosion, or shortly after, a mushroom cloud reminiscent of a nuclear bomb can be seen billowing up.
Mushroom cloud created by a MOAB
Mushroom cloud created by a MOAB
Officially known as Massive Ordnance Air Burst, the resulting acronym MOAB was soon reinterpreted as Mother Of All Bombs. Watching videos and seeing photographs of the weapon, you can see that it comes in a variety of colors. No apparent reason are mentioned for this.
Orange colored version of the MOAB  Mother of all bombs
Orange colored version of the MOAB, Mother of all bombs
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