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article imageMob in Egypt lynches teenage son of Muslim Brotherhood official

By R. C. Camphausen     May 5, 2013 in World
First, the son of a Muslim Brotherhood leader kills and wounds people in a heated debate over FaceBook comments critical of the present government. What follows is an outraged mob that burns his parental home and kills the killer. Justice Egyptian style.
Last Thursday, sixteen-year-old Yussef Rabie Abdessalam pulled out his gun and shot a man who had openly criticized the Brotherhood on FaceBook. The young Yussef, it turns out, was the son of an official of the Justice and Freedom Party (JFP); the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Slightly differing Reports about Thursday's violent incident in Qattawiya, located in the Nile Delta, can be found on France 24, Russia Today and elsewhere, but the essence is that a heated argument between Yussef and bystanders escalated when he lost his head and indiscriminately shot people in the crowd, killing one and wounding at least one other person.
The outraged crowd then followed him to his parental home, where he tried to defend himself by throwing stones, killing one more person. The police soon arrived but to no avail, the officers couldn't stem the crowd's fury and couldn't prevent them from setting the house on fire. In the resulting chaos, members of the public got hold of Yussef and beat him to death while dragging his body through the streets.
Similar incidents have recently occurred in other Egyptian towns as well, showing the volatile situation and general lawlessness the country is experiencing since the Muslim Brotherhood came to power.
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