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article imageOp-Ed: Evo Morales catches U.S. Government undermining democracy

By Ruth Hull     May 2, 2013 in World
For decades, the U.S. Government has used death squads and torture to control Latin Americans. Now, courageous leaders like Bolivia's Evo Morales have learned to protect their democracies by expelling over-reaching American agencies, like the USAID
If an agency of a foreign country were conspiring against the U.S. Government and its people, would our government just expel that agency? Or would the bombs start flying? Fortunately for the American people, Evo Morales is a benevolent leader who wants to maintain peace and focus on making his country work more efficiently for his people.
The expulsion of the USAID (U.S. Agency for International Development) from Bolivia could be a very good thing for the average American. Will Washington start using its money to take care of the American people if other countries say “no” to U.S. interference with their sovereignty? Will Washington consider a U.S. Agency to provide houses to homeless or food to the hungry in the U.S. as an alternative use of its overabundant international democracy-destructo funds? Unfortunately, based on Barack Obama’s track record, more than likely, he’ll just find some country to bomb with the savings. The Bolivians are probably hoping it’s not their country.
When it comes to undermining democracy, the U.S. Government is the World Champion. That’s why voters in Venezuela continually have to fight U.S. efforts at undermining their democratic elections.
The U.S. Government showed the residents of Fallujah what U.S. democracy was all about; but those residents may have had trouble understanding the message as the ideology took second place to the pain of having their skin burned off by our government’s distribution of depleted uranium. Of course, the pain of our democracy didn’t last long as our form of world leadership was quick to kill a lot of people and kids.
From Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to the NDAA to drone bombings, Bolivian President Evo Morales has lots of examples of American democracy to which he can refer.
Now why would Bolivians be upset about an agency run by an assistant administrator who helped a terrorist get away with avoiding trial for massacring innocent people in La Paz, Bolivia?
Mark Feierstein, USAID assistant administrator for Latin America and the Caribbean, …was a key campaign consultant to the former President Lozada who fled to the US in 2005 to avoid facing trial for the massacre of protestors in La Paz. There is now an attempt to prosecute him under the Aliens Tort Act for his role in the murders. (Feierstein has never expressed regret about the campaign; in fact, the same firm did polling for Morales opponent, Manfred Reyes Villa, in 2009.)
Unlike the United States of America, where the President takes tax dollars from the poor and gives them to Wall Street, Evo Morales (the first indigenous President of Bolivia) has the courage to stand up for the people of his country over foreign rich oppressors,. In return, the people re-elected him with the kind of landslide victory current American Presidents wish they had. Morales got into power on a people’s revolution that has brought prosperity to the people. While the American economy is going down, the Bolivian economy is thriving.
Latin America has seen more much more than it wants to see of what the U.S. Government does in assisting the kind of Latin American leaders the people don't want. The School of the Americas AKA The School of Assassins, out of Fort Benning, Georgia, has been extensively tied to torture and death squads in Latin America.
One of the best movies on the School of the Americas is State of Siege by Costa Gavras. Before questioning the judgment of Evo Morales in evicting the USAID, watch that docudrama. The U.S. Government is our government and it is our job to keep our own government in line. Let’s make sure our government knows that we support Bolivia and other Latin American democracies in protecting their sovereignty. It’s the best way to protect ours.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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