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article imageSusannah Collins: Blackhawks having 'tremendous amount of sex'

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 2, 2013 in Sports
CNS Chicago reporter Susannah Collins made a slip many say was Freudian during a broadcast outside the Chicago Blackhawk's locker room. She said the Blackhawks had a "tremendous amount of sex during the regular season."
Collins was commenting live on the team's 36-7 record in the season. But was that what she intended to say? Had a reporter just given the audience inside information about what the the Blackhawks were doing away from the hockey field?
Not likely.
Collins corrected herself before she ended the broadcast, indicating she had meant to say the team has had a "tremendous amount of success during the regular season."
Indeed, the ice hockey team has had a "tremendous amount of success" during the season with a 36-7 record. Success might have earned them more fans and... more sex?
Well, it does happen that way in real life but it is unlikely that was the message she was trying to get across, at least not on air.
Collin later joked about the gaffe. She said on Twitter that she would be careful to avoid the name of the player Clutterback. She tweeted: "Don't worry, I'll do my best to avoid saying 'Clutterbuck' tonight, can't have a other slip up! #thatdidntgothewayiplanned."
She added casually: "Thanks for laughing along with me & my 'tremendous' slip, guys. Who couldn't use a good chuckle every now & then right?? #Whoops!"
Collins' flub comes soon after A.J. Clemente's. Digital Journal reported that Clemente's first words on live TV as a new anchor with NBC affiliate KFYR-TV, Bismark, North Dakota, were "f*****g s**t." He uttered the words before co-anchor Van Tieu introduced him to viewers as the "new weekend news anchor."
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