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Op-Ed: Open Access BPO — Proving to be THE neo captive solution Special

By Maria Elisa Anacay     Jun 16, 2013 in Business
Makati - The turn of the millennia saw undeniable growth in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. Companies looked for revolutionary solutions that are affordable without cutting corners on quality.
With countless companies trying to make their stamp on the industry, it's no wonder that many turned to outsourcing. Many Western firms turned to the Eastern shores to engage in what quickly emerged as the lifeline of contemporary businesses.
A decade later, the BPO industry experienced abated growth. The American economy collapsed, bringing with it millions of unemployed Americans. Businesses had to look for solutions that would help them remain competitive, but not at the expense of their product’s quality. Yet it quickly became apparent that organizations would have to outsource some of their business processes or to shoulder all expenses and fold altogether.
The Visionaries
While the BPO industry is at a standstill, business magnate Ben Davidowitz thought of a way to revolutionize the call center industry. He formulated a business plan that puts client satisfaction above all other aspects of the business. Armed with in-depth knowledge of the call center industry, he collaborated with another industry leader, Henry Chang. Together they brought decades of expertise in Finance, Information Technology, and Customer Service into a direct fusion with the evolving BPO industry to establish Open Access BPO in 2005.
Headquartered in San Carlos, California, the company offers tailor-made business solutions that are competitive and effective. It specializes in the call center industry but offers other BPO and KPO services, such as Data Entry, Mining, and Cleansing, and E-commerce services.
How It Works
Open Access BPO is set apart from its competitors by its strict adherence to its business model. Designed as a boutique-type firm, the company provides customizable solutions that work best to their clientele’s advantage. With a wide array of services at hand, Open Access assures its clients that the company will offer measurable results for a reasonable rate.
Ben explains that Open Access BPO is not an average call center company. “We provide THE neo captive solution,” he says, quoting the company’s slogan. This means a revolutionary take on an old business practice. Instead of outsourcing a business practice and letting the BPO firm handle everything; clients can fly their personnel to the Philippines and oversee an auxiliary team provided by Open Access to respond to the company’s business needs.
Furthermore, Ben says that their major advantage is harnessing the potential of Filipino call centers which is obviously becoming the trend among the Western culture. He and the other founders chose the Philippines for the country’s fluency in English and the fact that Filipinos provide an educated workforce.
How He Did It
Ben compared the advantages and disadvantages of basic outsourcing and captive outsourcing and took the best out of both business practices to come up with a neo captive solution.
Captive BPO is the act of sending a company’s staff overseas to establish a satellite office under the same American brand. This gives companies full control of the business despite being in a different setting, but in an area wherein one’s expertise is not maximized. This in turn limits a company’s efforts on strengthening core competencies which has the tendency to diminish production and product distribution.
Basic outsourcing, on the other hand, helps companies focus on their core competencies and to grow and expand at the pace they wanted without the parallel overhead costs. Unfortunately, basic outsourcing gives you little control on the processes you need. The services are often set in stone and cannot be customized, which could lead to damaged product quality and diminished emphasis on customer support.
Then comes Ben’s neo captive solution. Through Ben’s innovation, his clients receive customized services that best corresponds to their business needs. The clients can get as much or as little control as they want. Finally, Open Access emulates the clients so that the employees feel that they are part of the client’s team, while Open Access manages it.
It seems that Ben’s gamble paid off. Under his tutelage, Open Access reached new heights in under a decade. Its operational arm in Makati now hosts 500 seats and caters to a diverse clientele from every imaginable industry.
As Ben says, “We take your problems as a challenge and reinvent solutions to ensure that you will get what you need, when you want it.”
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