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article imageOp-Ed: Not everyone believes Amanda Knox

By Alexander Baron     May 2, 2013 in Crime
Rome - In her recent interview with Diane Sawyer, Amanda Knox came across as a little girl lost in a strange land accused baselessly of an heinous crime, but not everyone was impressed.
Broadly speaking there are two versions of the murder of Meredith Kercher: there is the simple, uncomplicated version in which drifter Rudy Guede broke into the student cottage in Perugia and during the course of a burglary murdered the victim, who perhaps surprised him. Then there is the slightly surreal - slightly? - and not quite believable story the judges and jurors swallowed first time around, and convicted not only Guede but Amanda Knox and her lover of barely one week.
What does Occam's Razor tell us? Here as ever, that the simplest solution is the most likely. The only problem is that when human beings are involved, the simplest solution is not always the best, the most reliable or even the most plausible.
There is no doubt Rudy Guede was there and he did it, but did he really act alone?
Amanda Knox has her book out on the case now, but the American correspondent in Rome Barbie Latza Nadeau has three years on her; her book Angel Face... was published in May 2010, and although choosing her words carefully, it was clear she has not backtracked at all when she spoke to CNN shortly after the Diane Sawyer interview.
Although the Italian supreme court has quashed her acquittal and ordered a retrial for both her and Raffaele Sollecito, it seems likely Knox will stand trial in absentia, though it remains to be seen if he will. And Rudy Guede continues to remain silent.
In the recent Philpott case, it was inconceivable that a man would set fire to his own house under such circumstances, but that was where the evidence led.The "hate crime" hoaxes perpetrated by Tawana Brawley and years later by Sharmeka Moffitt beggar belief, especially the latter, but that was where the evidence led eventually.
The murder of Meredith Kercher is not so clear cut, but as Barbie Nadeau points out, there are still unresolved questions about it. And quite likely there always will be: among others, was the break-in really staged; why did Knox tell the police so many lies; and did she point the finger at the innocent black guy to give the guilty one time to get away?
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