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article imageOp-Ed: Syria. The art of war, of words, of images. A video of interest

By R. C. Camphausen     May 1, 2013 in World
Be warned. This is only for the truly interested, for people with time, for 'students' of anthropology, of media influence, of spin and propaganda. A Russian-made video of 43 minutes is included concerning the war in Syria. A view from the 'other' side.
Where else but on YouTube can one expect to find a long and detailed video attempting to show us that a war is not only waged with weapons but with words and images?
Propaganda, of course, has a long history. If you're reminded of Nazi Germany, you're right. If you think of the Cold War, you're right as well. If the word propaganda reminds you of the non-existing WMD's Saddam Hussein was supposed to have, you've scored again.
The same principle holds concerning the present war that's raging in Syria. Announcements concerning red lines, divisions within the UN Security Council, Assad's army are winning ground, rebels demanding help, France and/or the UK ready to defy a European embargo on weapons shipments; you and I have read it all. Much of it is propaganda: "a message designed to persuade its intended audience to think and behave in a certain manner."
What many of us may not have noticed, is a video created by Russia 24 (All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company), a channel available in Russian only and reminding us of the name France 24. When, and/or if, you'll be watching this video, it soon becomes all too clear that this is propaganda at its best.
On the other hand, realizing its (not so) hidden agenda, it also serves to show that we should be equally suspicious of the propaganda efforts put out by US media, by the BBC, by Israeli news outlets.
While our times also know digital cyber-wars, the other and more real war has two faces: dead and/or wounded soldiers and civilians, and propaganda reaching out for the hearts and minds of you and me.
Read the corporate news, watch this video, and try to make up your mind. It will be difficult.
I've found this video through the alternative and informative Voltaire Net website.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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