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article imageGAO investigates Department of Homeland Security ammo purchases

By JohnThomas Didymus     May 1, 2013 in World
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is reportedly investigating massive ammunition purchases by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). GAO Spokesman Chuck Young, said the investigation is "just getting underway."
The news from GAO comes soon after a legislation was introduced in the House and Senate Friday to limit the ability of government agencies, with the exception of the Department of Defense, to stockpile ammunition. The AMMO ACT would prevent agencies of the federal government from buying more ammunition if "stockpiles are greater than they were in the previous administrations."
According to US News & World Report (Washington Whispers), Donelle Harder, a spokesperson for Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla), said the new bill would require GAO to make its findings on the investigation into DHS ammo purchases available to the Congress. reports that at a hearing to investigate why the DHS was purchasing so much ammunition, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, said: "It is entirely... inexplicable why the Department of Homeland Security needs so much ammunition." He said the DHS has more than 260 million rounds in stock after purchasing more than 103 million rounds in 2012.
Senator Inhofe (R-Okla) and Rep. Frank Lucas, who introduced the bill to Congress, claimed that the Obama Administration was stockpiling ammunition to create a shortage. Inhofe, said: "President Obama has been adamant about curbing law-abiding Americans’ access and opportunities to exercise their Second Amendment rights. As the public learned in a House committee hearing this week, the Department of Homeland Security has two years worth of ammo on hand and allots nearly 1,000 more rounds of ammunition for DHS officers than is used on average by our Army officers."
Lucas cited the ammo shortage in Oklahoma and blamed the Obama administration for depriving Americans of their "Second Amendment" rights.
AP reported in February that DHS was planning to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds. RT writes: "Purchasing 1.6 billion rounds of ammo would also give DHS the means to fight the equivalent of a 24-year Iraq War. Members of Congress say the DHS has repeatedly refused to tell them the purpose of procuring such large amounts of ammo."
Congressman Timothy Huelscamp, querying the agency's purchases of ammo during sequestration, said: "They have no answer for that question... We’re going to find out… I say we don’t fund them until we get an answer."
DHS officials have denied that the agency is stockpiling ammunition. Officials testifying last week said the agency was only planning to "buy up" to 750 million.
According to RT, agency officials claim they are buying ammo in bulk to save money. However, critics of the Obama administration point out that the agency has been purchasing hollow point bullets which cost much more than full metal jacket rounds. Hollow point bullets explode on impact, causing more damage than ordinary bullets.
DHS spokesman Peter Boogaard said media reports about DHS purchases were misleading because the agency only said "up to" 750 million rounds. He said the ammunition was meant for training of law enforcement personnel over the next five years.
NewsMax reports he said: "With more than 100,000 armed law enforcement personnel in DHS, significant quantities of ammunition are used to support law enforcement operations, quarterly qualifications, and training, to include advanced firearms training exercises."
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