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article imageCatherine Zeta-Jones checks into mental facility

By Stephen Morgan     Apr 30, 2013 in Entertainment
The Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has checked into a psychiatric hospital for treatment of her bi-polar disorder. No specific reason was given for her decision, but it was said to be voluntary.
TMZ described it as a “proactive” decision for treatment, quoting one source, who called it "maintenance." Catherine will stay in hospital for a 30 day stint. Yahoo news reports that Catherine underwent treatment for the illness before in 2011. According to the Telegraph, the treatment is not cheap. The last time it cost Catherine £770-a-day at a hospital in New Canaan, Connecticut.
The condition used to be called “manic depression,” but contrary to popular fears it doesn't generally make people violent. Catherine suffers from bi-polar ll, a milder form of the disease than bi-polar l, which often leads to hallucinations and delusions. Bi-polar ll is characterized by severe mood swings from euphoria and hyperactivity to depression and lethargy. The illness can be controlled by medication and therapy, but it is often a question of trial and error before the right balance and combination of drugs is found for the individual.
Michael Douglas in 1987 s  Wall Street
Michael Douglas in 1987's 'Wall Street'
TMZ says Catherine was last seen in public on April 22 at the 40th Anniversary Chaplin Award Gala with her husband Michael Douglas, looking well. She has been going through a difficult period recently with rumors of a split in her marriage to Michael Douglas. The couple have been under enormous strain due to Micheal’s treatment for throat cancer and the trauma of his son's imprisonment on drug charges. The Telegraph quotes a family source as saying she has been through ”unbearable hell.”
Her work schedule has also been demanding. The Huffington Post says that “Zeta-Jones has been one of the busiest talents in show business of late, appearing in such films as "Rock of Ages," "Playing for Keeps," "Broken City" and "Side Effects." Her next projects are said to include a comedy called Playing the Field with Gerard Butler and Dennis Quaid and a biopic with Antonio Banderas.
Bi-polar disorder is not uncommon in Hollywood. Others reported to suffer with the illness include Hugh Laurie, Demi Lovato, Robin Williams, Britney Spears, Jack Nicholson, Charlie Sheen, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Michael Angelakos, Carrie Fisher, Russel Brand, Stephen Fry and Jim Carey, as well as great figures in history such as Abraham Lincoln, Sir Issac Newton, Beethoven, Winston Churchill and Van Gogh.
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