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article imageReview: Iron Man 3

By Micki Hogan     Apr 29, 2013 in Entertainment
The newest edition to the Iron Man franchise gets personal. The third installment of the series reveals fears and demons of Tony Stark.
The traditional Iron Man by Marvel Comics is not what one should expect to see in latest movie featuring the well known comic created by Stan Lee. This movie focuses on the truth behind the Iron Man mask. The fact that Tony Stark is human and has fears and is haunted by the fact that the very thing that powers his Iron Man suit is also the very thing that keeps him alive.
We have all grown accustomed to the glowing power source embedded into Tony Stark's chest. This power source not only powers the suit but keeps pieces of shrapnel from penetrating the heart of the inventor and billionaire. As you may remember Tony Stark created the small device during the first movie and it has been the centerpiece of all three Iron Man movies.
Without giving out spoilers, all I can say is in the end, the power source inside of Tony Stark's chest plays a huge role in the ending of the film. But perhaps it is the acting of Robert Downing Jr. who plays Stark that brings the movie down to a personal level. Stark also befriends a new character and sees much of himself in the new younger friend introduced in this film. As Stark faces new foes with new unpredictable powers he is also faced with his own demons and struggles with new challenges alone by himself.
In a new twist in the movie series, Stark must deal with issues in a way that is not what he has grown accustomed to. This leaves the door open for new people to be added to the list of hero in the movie. If you are expecting an Avengers cameo appearance or the aid of Shield in this edition of Iron Man I will not spoil the answer to that question and let you see for yourself. Staple characters like Pepper Potts played by Gweneth Platrow and War Machine played Don Cheadle return in this edition of the Iron Man series.
As to the well known Stan Lee cameo appearance, you can look forward to it. Stan Lee is well known for making a cameo in every one of his comic books turned movie.Comic book fans world wide know if it is a Stan Lee comic turned movie, the creator will appear somewhere in the film. It has become a tradition of many movie goers to be the first to know where the cameo takes place. I have seen and will not spoil it for fellow Stan Lee fans.
Action in this movie does not disappoint but it is very different from the first two Iron Man movies. According to the Telegraph, box offices world wide are reporting the breaking of records, including the record of the Avengers box office opening week sales, this movie will no doubt keep movie goers entertained and the ending will have people questioning what will happen next with Iron Man.
The trailer provided by Youtube above gives you a few hints as to what to expect in the Iron Man 3 movie. I recommend seeing it in theaters, do not wait for pay per view or DVD.
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