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article imageOp-Ed: Talk and action on the war on terror

By Alexander Baron     Apr 28, 2013 in Politics
Should a place like Guantanamo still exist? If that sounds like a dumb question, some people are still willing to debate it. Others are taking action.
Should a place like Guantanamo still exist? is a BBC radio programme in the World Have Your Say series. It is currently available on BBC iplayer, and unless this is a spelling mistake, will be available until January 1, 2099.
It runs to less than an hour; if you haven't heard this sort of debate before - or even if you have - check it out. The participants include a man who spent some considerable time in this notorious camp after being identified as a terrorist/freedom fighter. Guess what, the photograph was not of him but of someone else. He was, he says, cleared thanks to the efforts of Clive Stafford Smith - who was no doubt taking time out from writing demented pleadings in support of convicted murdered Krishna Maharaj. Still, it's nice to see he has his uses.
Closer to home - much too close - yesterday, it was confirmed officially for the first time that armed drones have been operated from the UK. This is something that should have been tackled by Parliament years ago, but which is not even on the agenda. This letter is typical of the Government's evasiveness on this issue, and it matters not whether we have a Labour Government, a Conservative Government or as at present a Coalition Government.
Having said that, earlier this year the Stop The War Coalition announced a protest against the drone programme at RAF Waddington for April 27, yesterday, which says a lot for the timing of the release of that official confirmation, but this is something everyone active in the anti-war movement knew already.
Around four hundred people turned out for the protest, and as usual it was entirely peaceful. You can read a report here.
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