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article imageAn inside look at the books, films and life of Tee Ashira

By Andrew Moran     Apr 24, 2013 in Entertainment
Carolina - During her career, Tee Ashira has completed novels, produced motion pictures and has dedicated her time to philanthropy. Her work combines the important elements of her own life: family, faith and love.
Tee Ashira Hobson’s entertainment domain has consisted of her working as an author, writer, screenwriter, director, producer, actor and passionate humanitarian. She describes her work as “undeniable and real.” Married to Victor Hobson, a former NFL linebacker, the 37-year-old’s real passions in life are being a devoted wife, mother and charitable.
“Being a great wife, a great mother and an incredible humanitarian is the greatest gift God can give and a huge part of my legacy,” said Ashira on the front-page of her online portfolio. “The other part is just making people laugh, life is dull when people stop laughing.”
Digital Journal briefly reported on the Puerto Rican-born author’s career thus far as well as looking at some of the film adaptations of her literary accomplishments. All of her achievements have been done through the energy of life, her passion for God and her goal to make others laugh. Now it’s time to a peek inside of her projects.
Since entering the literary field, Ashira has published seven books. Each book of which deals heavily with family, love, loyalty, relationships and the daily troubles that everyone faces. Unlike other artists that thrive on anger or sadness in their work, Ashira completes each endeavor through conviction and redemption.
Her collection of novels consists of “Soul Ties,” “Soul Ties II,” “Where is My Boaz?” “The Favor of Sarah,” “Lazarus Rise,” “This Walk – My Family and I” and “Hosea the Whore and His Wife.”
“Soul Ties” has been a personal project since she wrote her very first word. The concept is inspired by her family’s trials and tribulations and her past in general. The story follows a woman’s personal journey in life by depicting her faith as well as her salvation – akin to Ashira – and is performed through the acts of championing her past and curing her soul.
Ashira’s future novels will continue “helping readers find redemption from past pains and developing a new purpose and meaning in life.”
It has been reported that all of her past and future novels will be adapted for the silver screen.
Last year, Ashira executive produced two movies: “C’mon Man” and “Nothing But the Bests!
“C’Mon Man” chronicles the rise and fall – and the apparent attempt to rise again – of a stand-up comedian who is plagued by his demons and past. Ashira made her acting debut in this film that stars prominent actors from the black community, including Aries Spears, Tony Rock and Tommy Davidson.
“Nothing But the Bests!” is about a couple preparing for their fairy tale wedding in an oasis setting. However, it takes a comedic turn when the wedding turns dreadful as a hurricane is about to make landfall, an elephant skydives and a cake explodes. Luckily for them, the best man and the maid of honor make things right. Ashira helped produce this picture.
Ashira recently finished directing the screen adaptation of “Soul Ties” with her husband. She also makes an appearance in the film. It stars Christopher MacDonald (“Happy Gilmore” and Requiem for a Dream”), Katy Mixon (“State of Play” and “Drive Angry”) and Victoria Rowell (“Dumb & Dumber” and “Young and the Restless”). Ashira also produced and wrote the screenplay.
Sometime next year, Ashira will executive produce the movie “Cinderella Li.”
For more information about Ashira, she posts frequent updates on Twitter. Each tweet consists of inspiring, uplifting and positive tweets, which all focus on belief and leading a life filled with it.
Throughout the rest of Ashira’s artistic career, her future will combine the elements of faith and liberation in her work. For Ashira, her greatest gift in life is life itself.
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