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Video game Tetris can help lazy eye?

By Owen Weldon     Apr 23, 2013 in Health
Patching is something that has been used to treat lazy eye in kids, but now some researchers have been using the game Tetris to treat the condition.
According to CTVNews, patching has not always worked well for adults with the condition, which is formally known as amblyopia.
Researchers at McGill University in Montreal have been testing Tetris on adults with lazy eye. Researchers say that Tetris, which is a puzzle video game, forces both eyes to work together, which helps overcome the condition.
According to Mashable, researchers used a special pair of goggles to conduct their tests. The 18 subjects then played games for about an hour per day, first with the lazy eye covered, and then with both eyes open.
According to IGN, Dr. Robert Hess, who was part of the team of researchers, said that it seemed that vision improves when both eyes work together and it seems to work a lot better than patching.
Researchers want to now see if children can be treated using the method. It is believed that one in 50 kids has lazy eye.
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