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article imageOp-Ed: Tout Your Trade Online with Enthuse.Me Special

By Louisa Leontiades     Apr 23, 2013 in Internet
There’s not much that gets me highly excited in the technology world nowadays. I’ve seen the next big thing peak, crash and burn so many times now, that ‘meh’ is my middle name.
I’m truly a child of my times (ah the 90s) and a sad apathetic consequence of the crash...boom...bang (what’s that Mom? Yes, I know Mary is my middle name but that doesn’t work as well for this article).
But then I found The new personal branding tool for those of us embracing the Brave New World.
The New Breed of Survivors – the online entrepreneurs
You see, I’m one of a new breed of survivors in the job market called an online entrepreneur. We're turning our hobbies and passions into online incomes and trying to steer ourselves out of the 9-5. With the advent of disposal websites thanks to open source CMS like Wordpress, more people than ever before can set up business with no cash and still have a huge reach. And in a depression like this one, it becomes all the more important that we have tools at our disposal to market these services correctly. But the dinosaur LinkedIn doesn’t cut it for people like me, because it’s literally an online CV. Paper transposed to the web. I am so much more than that.
On Linkedin I am a Management & Financial Consultant and a bloody good one. But in my spare time, I build websites, write copy, and sell info products all about online business. I run a personal blog, a feminist blog and a dating site. I’m good at all of that… but a financial consultant who runs and builds radical blogs on the side? Just not cricket, one might say.
How is different?
They said: It’s the simplest way to show people what you do.
I said. Meh. How is it different to Linkedin?
They said: It’s a one pager all about you which lets you showcase the best of your expertise in the most effective way – by cutting out the noise.
“A one pager all about me” I thought “That IS interesting(!)”
Of course I am – as we all are - more than just one page. Unfortunately no headhunter ever reads the second page. And since it IS just one page which integrates every social media channel you can imagine, I can create several one pagers in a twinkling of an eye, with my different social media profiles and easily pitch them. One for the copywriter. One for the website builder. One for the financial analyst. And Enthuse.Me doesn’t restrict you to work experience either (although you can add it if you wish). No, it lets you add examples of your work that you have built via all the social media channels that you might use already (but for which you have probably forgotten the passwords).
I spoke to Dan Jacobs, founder of on Skype. He was typically – as the new millionaires are – unshaven. He said: is the best shop front for you to showcase your expertise but more than just a shop front we are creating the shop as well so that you will be able to sell your time and services to people that appreciate your value.
I was mildly excited before, but the ability to deliver my website building services outside of Elance – a service which has commoditized us to the point of drone workers and where clients expect me to create a website for less than $20.00 in under 2 hours - got me excited enough to stop writing this article, and go and create myself a profile.
I’m not the only who is getting excited either. The company has raised around £1 million in funding from MLC50
and is starting to make ripples in the tech world, which is a great sign. Is An Online Profile Creator To Help You Pimp Your Personal Brand
Because anything that promises to help YOU cut out the noise and market yourself effectively, needs to deliver that itself in order to be successful. And I for one, hope they can …because this $20 rate is killing me.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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