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article imageConstipated woman goes 45 days without bowel movement

By JohnThomas Didymus     Apr 22, 2013 in Health
Mumbai - Surgeons performed a two-hour emergency surgery on a 28-year-old housewife from Chembur who reportedly went 45 days without bowel movement. The surgeons removed a "football sized" fecal mass which threatened to rip open her intestines as it grew in mass.
The Times of India reports that Anusha complained to doctors at the Nova Specialty Surgery Center in Chembur about constipation and vomiting. Doctors were astounded to learn she had gone without a bowel movement for 45 days.
She reportedly told doctors she hadn't had a bowel movement since "towards the end of February." According to the Times of India, medical literature says that the longest recorded case of a person going without bowel movement was 10 days.
The condition called fecal impaction occurs more often in obese and bed-ridden individuals. Typically, a solid, immobile bulk accumulates in the rectum in the course of a chronic constipation and blocks the passage of fecal mass from out of the gut.
According to the Times of India, Dr. Amit Thadhani, consulting general and laparoscopic surgeon at the Nova centre, said: "Her intake had gone down, though she was not going empty stomach. Her abdomen was bloated and was exerting pressure on other organs."
Doctors said the fecal mass was found in the the patient's sigmoid colon, the curved part of the large intestine before the rectum. According to doctors, the location of Anusha's fecal mass was unusual because it usually develops in the rectum
The Times of India reports that surgeons created an opening through which they removed the mass. According to Dr. Thadhani, a surgical procedure called sigmoid colostomy was used to remove it. He said: "We could not use instruments to break the rock-hard fecal matter as that could have damaged the intestine."
The doctor said that given the size and hardness of the fecal mass, the patient was lucky that her intestine was not perforated.
According to the Times of India, doctors suspecting that the patient's ailment was psychogenic referred her to a psychiatrist after surgery.
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