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article imageOp-Ed: CIA foiled again, this time by Nicolas Maduro

By Ruth Hull     Apr 20, 2013 in World
The CIA and the United States Government have had considerable success in toppling democracies around the world but they may have met their match in Presidente Nicolas Maduro, the legitimately elected leader of Venezuela.
Did the CIA kill Hugo Chavez in order to take over Venezuela? This is a question to which many Americans believe the answer is YES. The U.S. has a history of using cancer as a weapon. It has even threatened the lives of its own citizens with carcinogenic genetically modified foods. The U.S. Government has repeatedly lied to Americans about dangerous levels of radiation in the air and food. Therefore, even before Chavez’s death, Americans were asking, “Did the U.S. Government give Hugo Chavez cancer?” and often Americans would answer in the affirmative that that believed it. When Nicolas Maduro stepped up to the plate and questioned the cause of the death of Hugo Chavez, some of the more honorable journalists in America backed him up.
Bing Map of CIA Harvey Point Defense Training Facility
Bing Map of CIA Harvey Point Defense Training Facility
Screen Capture
If a government is going to go to the trouble of killing a leader it must have an plan in place that benefits the government so doing. The CIA’s key man in Venezuela is Henrique Capriles, who was charged for his role in the 2002 CIA coup against Chavez. The people of Venezula do not like Capriles and Chavez soundly trounced him in October, 2012. As soon as it was learned that Chavez was seriously ill, Capriles was demanding new elections. What gives the loser of an election the right to demand new elections when the winner gets sick? Will Obama always have to be on guard that Romney will become President if Obama gets sick? Venezuela would have as much right to unseat Joe Biden in the event of Obama’s passing as the U.S. Government has to unseat Nicolas Maduro.
Nicolas Maduro played by the rules. After the death of Hugo Chavez, Maduro stepped back and made sure that there was a fair and neutral election. The polls going into the election in the country with the best election process in the world showed Maduro approximately 14 to 18 points ahead. The CIA knew it would have to work overtime to defeat the will of the people but it failed.
In Venezeula, despite the CIA’s attempts to undermine democracy, Nicolas Maduro had a definitive victory on April 14, 2013. Jimmy Carter has declared that Venezuela has the best election process in the world. In other words, former U.S. President and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jimmy Carter has already endorsed the Venezuelan election process Capriles and the CIA are attempting to overturn. A clear victory for Presidente Maduro in a process endorsed by U.S. President Jimmy Carter wasn’t good enough for CIA man Henrique Capriles. There is never an end to work for enemies of democracy - like the CIA and Henrique Capriles.
"Yet, as thousands of Venezuelans broke out in celebrations across the country after Maduro’s victory was announced, the defeated right-wing candidate, Henrique Capriles, refused to concede, following his script written in Washington.
“Before Sunday’s vote, U.S. imperialism and the Venezuelan right wing crafted a plan of action to distort the electoral outcome and create violent chaos afterwards, knowing Capriles’ defeat was likely.
“Sunday night, April 14, the violence was unleashed.
“Seven pro-Maduro supporters were murdered after Capriles called for street actions, giving the green light to his fascist followers. TV and radio stations were destroyed, the homes of PSUV members burned down or vandalized, and people beaten in the streets by roaming right-wing gangs.”
Dispite their best efforts, the opposition to Nicolas Maduro could not overturn his legitimate election and he was inaugurated on April 19, 2013. Will the CIA continue its attempts to overturn democracy in Venezuela? Does a zebra change stripes? The best each country in the world can do to protect its own democracy is to just say “no” to continued CIA efforts to topple legitimately elected Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.
American supporters of democracy are proclaiming, “Viva Presidente Maduro,” as they continue to fear their own governments oppression against them. As the American government refuses to listen to or care about its own people, it continues to bomb, torture and assassinate its version of democracy onto helpless countries around the world. But some victories can still be had over imperialism. For the moment, a courageous leader has stood up and won a sound victory over CIA tyranny.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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