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article imageOp-Ed: The A's should not relocate to San Jose

By Stan Rezaee     Apr 20, 2013 in Sports
San Jose - Will the Oakland Athletics be coming to San Jose? Its a question the city has been waiting four years for Bud Selig to finally answer.
Several weeks ago Chuck Reed, mayor of San Jose, requested a meeting with Selig regarding an answer. To no surprise his request for a meeting was turned down and this has infuriated people who want an answer.
In response; Josh Koehn, news editor of Metro Silicon Valley, wrote an open letter that was very critical of Selig for stalling and demanding he gives an answer soon. Koehn was fair but on point on expressing the frustration people have had with Selig.
Despite the high hopes of San Jose city officials and A's fans in the area, Selig's answer should be a no. Why? San Jose may not have its own Major League team but this is still Giants territory.
As affirmed by Major League Baseball, the San Fransisco Giants has traditionally had territorial rights over Santa Clara County. Its estimated that 35 to 45 percent of their market comes from San Mateo County and Santa Clara County.
That is why the San Jose Giants, a minor league team and the San Francisco Giants farm team, is located here. If the A's becomes a San Jose team then the farm team will have to relocate.
Finally I should not forsake the many Giants fans who live here in San Jose. They have been loyal during the worst of times along with the best of times and we are not excited to change teams overnight. Given how passionate people could be about their team, this might open hostility between the fans.
Having San Jose become a hotbed of animosity between two fans may seen like a ridiculous issue but this would be the opinion of either people who don't even like sports or the bandwagon fans.
Selig should stop stalling and finally give an answer and hopefully its an answer that would keep the A's out of San Jose. The city should find other ways of creating revenue without tossing Giant fans under the bus.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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