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article imageCalgary art student kills chicken for project, may face charges

By Arthur Weinreb     Apr 19, 2013 in Crime
Calgary - The killing of the chicken by slitting its throat was done as part of an art project. But some students were upset by the act and called Calgary police.
The incident took place shortly after noon yesterday, in the cafeteria of the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) located in northwest Calgary. Police went to the college after receiving a call that a student was killing a chicken with a knife.
The killing of the bird was a "performance art" project, supposedly sanctioned by an instructor at the school. While some of the students in the cafeteria knew what the art student was going to do, others did not and were upset when the chicken's throat was slashed.
Student Breydon Stangland said, "He just decided to slowly slit its throat while it was wiggling and screaming and then drained it out, popped its head off, strung it up, washed it, plucked it." The student then put the dead chicken in a pot as if he was going to cook it and eat it.
Fellow student Charlotte Emmot said, "I did not feel this was art at all. I didn't understand his statement. Like, just killing a chicken, you can take away life—I didn't understand it at all."
After the lunchtime slaughter, the ACAD issued a statement on its Facebook page saying, "We are currently working with Faculty, students, staff to better understand today's incident. The mental and physical health of our students is always the most important to us. If any students who are experiencing grief and or shock would like to speak to someone, you are welcome to contact our Counsellor..."
Police interviewed the student but did not arrest him. According to police, the killing of the chicken was a public protest that was part of a school assignment. Philip Fulton, of the Calgary Humane Society, said, "We are against animals being used as entertainment whether it's under the guise of art." He added the society will not take any action as the matter is now in the hands of the Calgary police.
Under Canadian law, it is not illegal to kill an animal or a bird. It is, however, an offence to wilfully cause or permit "unnecessary pain, suffering or injury" to an animal or bird.
Police are in the process of preparing a report for the Crown Attorney who will decide if charges will be laid.
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