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article imageAnother study finds GMO corn to be highly toxic

By Anne Sewell     Apr 18, 2013 in Food
A new study has been leaked which examines genetically modified corn and reveals that the crop contains a startling level of toxic chemicals and just isn't as nutritious as natural corn.
The study was reportedly run by Profit Pro and is called the "2012 Corn Comparison Report." It was published recently on the Moms Across America March to Label GMOs website. The group states on their website that they wish to “raise awareness and support Moms with solutions to eat GMO Free as we demand GMO labeling locally and nationally simultaneously.” They are planning on organizing several nationwide marches this year against GMOs.
The study gives the results of an education-based consulting company's comparison of corn types and what the study shows is that genetically modified foods may be more hazardous than once thought.
Not only does the study show that the crop is hazardous to health, it further shows that it is far less nutritious than traditional, organic corn.
According to Zen Honeycutt of the Moms Across America website, the report was provided by a representative for De Dell Seed Company, an Ontario-based farm that boasts it is Canada's only non-GMO corn seed company.
Honeycutt says she was "floored" after reading the study and said that, “The claims that ‘There is no difference between GMO corn and non GMO corn’ are false.”
According to tests run by Profit Pro, GMO corn contains various elements which are absent from traditional corn, including chlorides, formaldehyde and glyphosate and they are present to the tune of 60 ppm, 200pm and 13 ppm, respectively.
Accordng to Honeycutt, the United States Environmental Protection Agency mandates the level of glyphosate in American drinking water must not exceed 0.7 ppm, adding that organ damage in some animals has been linked to glyphosate exposure exceeding 0.1 ppm.
In another study Dr. Don Huber reported that “Glyphosate is a strong organic phosphate chelator that immobilizes positively charged minerals such as manganese, cobalt, iron, zinc [and] copper.”
Dr. Huber attested that those elements “are essential for normal physiological functions in soils, plants and animals.”
“Glyphosate draws out the vital nutrients of living things and GMO corn is covered with it,” adds Honeycutt, further noting that the "nutritional benefits rampant in natural corn are almost entirely removed from lab-made seeds."
During the study, in the samples used, non-GMO corn is alleged to have 437-times the amount of calcium of genetically modified versions, and 56-times the level of magnesium and 7-times the level of manganese.
This study takes a further step to the recent study run by Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, the French scientist who ran lifetime tests on GM corn and Roundup on rats, where he showed that levels of Roundup (Monsanto's herbicide of which its main chemical ingredient is glyphosate), currently considered "safe", can cause mammary tumors and multiple organ damage (kidney and liver)
These studies also come as a decision on Capitol Hill to approve an annual agriculture appropriations bill has been passed, despite the provision within the act which contained a rider that frees GMO corporations such as the multi-billion-dollar Monsanto Company from liability.
Dubbed the "Monsanto Protection Act," this provision was written by a lawmaker who has lobbied for Monsanto, and it states that biotech companies won’t need federal approval to test and plant GMO crops, even if the health risks are unknown.
It seems that the advertisement by Monsanto for Roundup, featured in the video below, may be truer than we thought:
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