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article imageOp-Ed: What's next? Bomb control?

By Micki Hogan     Apr 17, 2013 in Crime
We need to change the minds of Americans, not change the laws. Will bomb control be next on the ballot? Attacks like the Boston Bombing and the Texas college stabbing attack prove we need to change our way of thinking.
The bombs that exploded during busiest moment of the Boston Marathon rattled the hearts and souls of Americans across the nation. Live updates are streaming their way into our memories like the update site of ABC News. The tragedy has been burned into our memories as images of blood stained concrete and horrific images of those injured spread through the internet like wildfire. Facebook and twitter feeds have had non stop commenters speaking out about the bombing. Internet reports cannot keep up with the new details as they are released to the media. With only one possible suspect at this time, no clear answers have been given at this point and no one knows why the attack took place. One thing has taken precedent. This has reminded Americans that we are not safe.
The recent stabbing attack at a small community college in Texas left 20 injured as the accused attacker Dylan Quick left a trail of carnage before he was taken into custody. It is reported by CBS news that Quick had told investigators that he fantasized about cannibalism and had researched mass stabbings. It has been said that the fantasies began as early as age eight. According to Houston news channel KHOU the accused has an obsession with swords and had planned the attack long before the event actually took place.
Incidents like the Sandy Hook massacre and the Aurora Theater massacre are still fresh in our memories. These incidents are what prompted state and federal officials to stream line new bills on new gun control measures. Some have been on the fast pace circuit to become laws implemented as soon as possible.
But are new gun control laws the answer? Will knives be next on the chopping block? Will bomb control laws become the next topic of debate? What will follow suit? We will have to ban all weapons? Bats and numchucks, Chinese stars and tasers? Paintball guns and soft pellet guns would be next. Anything that could be used as a weapon. In short even our fists could be considered a weapon. It is this journalists opinion the recent bomb attack has opened all of our eyes wide open to the fact that controlling the weapons is not the answer.
We need to begin a different approach. Instead of suspending a child for bringing a hello kitty bubble toy shaped like a gun maybe we need to begin to focus on thinking of what makes a person capable of brutality. Bullies at schools should receive counseling to find the deep rooted source that causes the actions resulting in pain of fellow students. We need to learn the signs of mental illness at an early age. We need to focus on why crimes are committed. We need to focus on the signs of possible terror attacks. Educate and discover what causes a person to commit horrific crimes instead of educating our children of past hate crimes and sodomy. Let's teach them love and empathy. We need to embrace the thinking of positive influences like Mother Theresa and Gandhi in school. Not lessons of Hitler, Saddam Hussein and slavery.
Only when we begin to change our way of thinking we will be able to change our future.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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