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article imageWhy drinking alcohol and horseback-riding isn't a smart idea

By Lesley Lanir     Apr 17, 2013 in Odd News
A man tries to mount a horse, almost makes it but falls flat on his face. Could drinking alcohol be the cause of his inability to get on the back of a horse? How dangerous is horseback riding and is drinking and riding prohibited by law?
Most people are aware of the dangers and legal consequences of drinking and driving. There are constant reminders why alcohol consumption and driving should not be combined but what about taking part in other activities? The man in the video could have consumed alcohol, could be drunk, or maybe he just misjudged his mount and his timing was out? He takes it all in good spirit and so does the lady holding onto the bridle of the horse.
Horse-riding can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous if not taken seriously.
Although information regarding horse-riding accidents and injuries is out-dated and scanty, past UK statistics suggest that more people are hurt in horse-riding accidents than in motorbike accidents.
According to Riders4helmets, each year in the US about 7 million people ride horses. They state that In 2007, almost 80,000 people went to the emergency rooms because of horse-riding related injuries.
The wishful rider in the video was not wearing a helmet, almost 12,000 of the 80,000 injuries recorded in 2007 were head injuries.
Back in 1990, the CDC, who claimed 30 million Americans were partaking in horseback riding, said, "Even though alcohol use is a risk behavior for many types of injury, its role in horseback-riding-associated deaths has not yet been established."
It still seems that the DUI law does not apply to riding a horse.
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