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Man photographed on roof during Boston bombing prompts suspicion

By Eric Morales     Apr 16, 2013 in World
Boston - All that is visible is an ominous dark figure walking a top a roof in Boston, as the explosion takes place unleashing carnage on the streets below.
A picture of an unidentified man on a rooftop in Boston has gone viral in the aftermath of the bombings at the the Boston marathon on Monday. The photo was taken by a Dan Lampariello and it quickly began making its rounds on social media. One of the first to re-tweet the photo was a parody Frank Ocean account, since then the photo has been re-tweeted over 2,000 times.
The man appears to walking on top of 755 Boylston Street which is the site of luxury apartments as well as a Starbucks.
Reaction on twitter ranged from everything including fear and speculation.
"Who's the guy on the roof? He's not reacting to the detonation," one person wrote on the social media site. "What is this thing about some guy on a roof? Mystery man? I bet that's the guy!" and "That man on the roof on the Boston marathon photo is creeping me out," according to the New York Daily News.
The bombings have killed three and injured over 170 others, prompting a worldwide investigation by the FBI. In the wake of the bombing there was fear of follow up attacks, reports began circulating that an explosion had taken place at the JFK Library in Dorchester, but that was later ruled to be unrelated. Reports of smoke billowing from a subway terminal in Chicago also turned out not to be related to Monday's attack.
Security experts Tuesday are already speculating as to who carried out the attack, one theory making its way around counter terrorism circles is that the bombings were carried out by Al Qaeda, or an off shoot group with the aid of domestic extremists. This suspicion is bolstered by an advisory from law enforcement, obtained by CNN which states that police should be on the look out for a "dark-skinned or black male" with a possible foreign accent.
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