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article imageOprah Winfrey visit to Montreal has rabid fans — and a protester

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 14, 2013 in Entertainment
One of the richest and most popular and admired women on Earth was in Montreal this week at the Bell Centre and the Gazette newspaper noted that not all of the 15,000 in attendance were admirers. At least one, the paper said, did not come to praise her.
Gazette reporter Monique Muise discovered an Australian at Winfrey's talk who was not happy with Oprah like most everyone else there. Jeremy Kung is his name and he's an activist angry with the talk-show hosting icon for supporting a wrinkle-free creme that uses, as Muise wrote "fibroblasts from the foreskins of circumcised babies." Kung found the opportunity to protest Winfrey's choice to promote SkinMedica too good to pass up.
“I consider (circumcision) to be a violation of human rights under the United Nations declaration on the rights of the child," Kung, who sported a red mark over his groin to make his point, told Muise. "It’s medically unethical to cut a healthy body part off a non-consenting individual.”
Because of her promotion of the cream sales have skyrocketed. But Winfrey has been wrong in her choices of promotional prodcuts before, an example being James Frey's 'A Million Little Pieces' a book she endorsed in 2005. Turns out the memoir was part fiction and she eventually withdrew her support, though not before sales of Frey's book went through the proverbial roof.
Kung believes Oprah should withdraw her support of SkinMedica, too, though he isn't overly hopeful that she will and feels that she simply doesn't care about the issue. "I would like her to stop endorsing it, and start speaking out about it,” he said.
Oprah Winfrey fans comes out in droves
As noted there were some 15,000 others there who were major fans. A teacher who said she "paid $400 to be in the first row on the side" added that it was "worth every penny" and a commentator on Oprah's website wrote "Thank you Oprah for the wonderful evening in Montreal at the Bell Center. I will never forget that day for the rest of my life. God bless you Oprah. xxx :-)."
Winfrey is continuing her tour of Canadian cities.
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