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article imageVideo: Japanese movie 'The War And A Woman' trailer

By Can Tran     Apr 14, 2013 in Entertainment
The Japanese carnal romance film called "The War And A Woman" aka "Senso To Hitori No Onna" hits Japanese theaters on April 27. A trailer is available for viewing.
On April 27, the movie called “The War And A Woman” aka “Senso To Hitori No Onna” will air at theaters nationwide across Japan. The trailer is available for viewing. This movie is adapted from the novel of the same name, Senso To Hitori No Onna, which was written by Anko Sakaguchi. While this comes off as some sort of carnal romance movie, The War And A Woman also explores a dark part of late-World War II history in Japan.
In this movie, there are two story plots combined together.
The first story is the carnal romance between a propaganda writer (who agreed to write propaganda pieces for the Japanese government to avoid getting drafted for war) and a former prostitute turned bar owner. Both of them end up living together and indulge in various sexual fantasies until either they die or until World War II is over. From the time of their first meeting and until whatever happens, the two of them will live together and engage in all sorts of sexual activities.
The second story focuses on a Japanese soldier named Ohira who has returned from fighting in China. It is revealed that Ohira lost one of his arms while in China fighting in World War II. When adjusting to life, Ohira suffers from erectile dysfunction; but, Ohira gets sexually aroused when he is raping women or watching them get raped. Back in China, as a soldier, Ohira was responsible for the rape and murder of many Chinese women.
Again, The War And A Woman hits theaters across Japan on April 27. In regards to Ohira, the character was based off of Yoshio Kodaira who was notorious for being a known rapist and serial killer. Ohira was executed on October 5, 1949. In Japan, it is believed that Kodaira killed at least ten to eleven women. It is unknown how many women Kodaira raped and killed when he was stationed in China.
David Peace wrote a novel based on Kodaira's spree. The book is called “Tokyo Year Zero.” This movie seems to be the Japanese equivalent to the John Leguizamo movie called “Summer of Sam” in which the movie takes place during the Son of Sam crime spree but doesn't focus directly on it.
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