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article imageStudy: Good music is just as exciting as good sex

By Mark Harradine     Apr 13, 2013 in Odd News
Montreal - According to recent reports good music is just as good for you as good sex. A study carried out by the McGill University in Montreal has shown that listening to music stimulates the same part of the brain as a night of passion.
Volunteers listened to 60 clips of music that they had never heard before whilst connected to an fMRI (functional resonance imaging) and then were asked how much they’d spend on the clips, reports the UK publication, The Telegraph. Scientists at the McGill University have managed to pinpoint the exact part of the brain that controls the decision to buy music. “When people listen to a piece of music they have never heard before, activity in one brain region can reliably and consistently predict whether they will like or buy it, this is the nucleus accumbens which is involved in forming expectations that may be rewarding” commented Dr Valorie Salimpoor.
The experiments found that a similar reaction also occurred when people have emotional or sexual stimulus. The study didn’t mention what would happen if participants had sex whilst listening to good music, but presumably the stimulus would be doubled.
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