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article imageOp-Ed: Canada — Veteran asks veteran advocates to help stop abuse

By Karl Gotthardt     Apr 12, 2013 in Politics
Ottawa - The Canadian federal government has been negligent and has abused the privacy rights of veterans. One of those veterans, Harold Leduc says that he was subject to abuse by the minister and this abuse has caused his PTSD to worsen.
To end the abuse he has written an open letter to veterans advocates, questioning why they have abandoned him. He says that he is being openly abused by the Minister, his staff and officials resulting in a severe injury to his pensioned PTSD condition. Leduc says that he has been forced off the Veterans Review and Appeal Board for no valid reason.
Once an appeal is rejected by bureaucrats of Canada's Veterans affairs, the Veterans Review and Appeal Board (VRAB) handles any appeals. According to the VRAB website the board was created in 1995 to provide Veterans and other applicants with an independent avenue of appeal for disability decisions made by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC, the Department).
The Canadian government and the VRAB. In one example, allegations were made that members of the board did not attach their names to the decisions that they made. Yet once a name was revealed that member also sat on the Appeal/Reconsideration Hearing Board, contrary to the VRAB Act.
There is plenty of evidence that the service of recent Canadian veterans are dishonored by the Canadian government and the Department of Veterans Affairs. While Harold Leduc is asking veteran advocates to stand up and be counted, it would be incumbent on every day Canadians to stand up for Leduc and Canada's veterans.
Please call your member of parliament to stop this abuse. It is time for bureaucrats and politicians to do the right thing and look after the veterans they send into harms way.
Harold Leduc's Open Letter:
"As you are aware, the privacy breaches that myself and other disabled veterans suffer are serious breaches of authority. In my case, the information gained from those multiple breaches was used with the government's knowledge of veterans disabilities as a weapon to seriously injure me. The Prime Minister and Minister have not stopped the attacks despite knowing their malicious nature since 2010.
Yet, with the exception of one or two, the majority of you sit quietly and routinely meet with the Minister and his staff as if nothing has happened. I'm puzzled! In 2003 or so I witnessed the ANAVets, RCL and NCVA boycott the VAC-CFAC and other VAC initiatives in protest over benefits for WWII allied veterans and their families yet I've not witness the same level of commitment or support for CF veterans on any issue, especially the malicious abuse against our disabled.
I've been forced to hide in public by going to the media because the abuse increased and continues. I would simply like to know why you've abandoned me and what you will do as leaders of the veterans community to stop the malicious behaviour in your role as veterans advocates?
My motivation for contacting you is to:
- stop the abuse so I can finally be left alone to get on with my treatment;
- stop the abuse so I can finally recover quality of life with my family; and
- hold my abusers accountable so they will no longer abuse disabled veterans.
I would hope that you would want the same for all disabled veterans especially since every reasonable approach made to the PM and Minster have failed. They are making me pay a high price to cover up government's failed duties following the privacy breaches.
Please pass this letter on to any leaders in the veterans community I may have missed including Larry Murray.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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