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article imageInterview: Holly Tucker talks about The Voice Special

By Adrian Peel     Apr 13, 2013 in Entertainment
Having wowed the judges, and a large percentage of the American populace, no doubt, on this the fourth season of popular TV talent show 'The Voice', Miss Tucker is not letting her new-found fame go to her head, as Digital Journal discovered.
As one-by-one, the now-familiar high-backed chairs on one of NBC's most watched programmes spun around, the aspiring young songbird from Waco, Texas, who had just succeeded in captivating four of the world's best known singing stars, showed no emotion, finishing her chosen song like any other seasoned pro.
This was no slice of beginner's luck, as nineteen-year-old Holly Tucker has been singing professionally since the age of twelve, entering talent shows and winning awards, her proud parents, Johnny and Cheryl, constantly by her side.
So strutting her stuff in front of Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Usher and Shakira in the 'blind auditions' ought to have been 'just another step up the ladder' for the blue-eyed university student, who had previously tried out for other televised musical showcases including American Idol, America's Got Talent and X Factor?
"I just remember being in utter disbelief," recalls Holly (speaking to me from Los Angeles, while taking a break from filming), referring to the moment she first sang live in front of the judges, a moment that was shot in October last year and shown on TV earlier this month.
"It's crazy because going up there, it's like a really surreal experience because you're on that stage, that you've seen on all these past seasons, and you know in your head that you're being filmed and you're having like fifteen million viewers watching you...
"It's insane because just to be performing for that many people at one time is a really cool thought... When the chairs started turning round for me, I was just doing my best to keep as much control as possible because I didn't want to lose it.
"I knew if I looked at them, I was gonna lose it, so I just kind of focused on the audience a little bit... I tried to deliver the best performance that I could and I'm really happy with it."
"Yeah, so far that is definitely the best moment ever," laughs the double Spanish major, currently enrolled at the Hankammer School of Business at Baylor University (studying Management), when asked whether that particular experience on The Voice has since been topped by anything else she's seen or done on the show.
"When I finished my song, the last note of my song, that's the key moment for me... When I finished and I got a chance to breathe and look at the judges and see their faces - and see Usher standing up for me - it was such a blessing. I was very humbled in that moment."
While Adam Levine, Shakira and the aforementioned Usher were quick to express their admiration, Shelton took slightly longer to press the button on his chair, prompting Usher to ask, "What are you waiting on, you don't hear that?!" Was there a moment where Holly thought that one of her biggest country idols wasn't going to turn around?
"There was. I was very surprised that Blake didn't turn around first. I was shocked when Adam and Shakira did because I'm country... I guess I don't sound very country on that song, and they probably thought I could cross genres and do a lot of different things, so that's why they turned, I guess.
"I think Blake turned around in my chorus. It was three or four lines and then he turned around, and I was like, 'Yes, I got it!' It was just really cool..."
As she considers herself a country singer first and foremost (other favourites include Martina McBride, Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts), Holly chose Blake Shelton as her mentor. What's it been like working with possibly the biggest star in country music today?
"It has been incredible," she enthuses. "The good thing about Blake is that he's the same person off-camera as he is on-camera. He's very genuine, he's very funny, light-hearted... He makes you feel like you can loosen up around him and not have to be perfect all the time.
"That's something that I struggle with, wanting to be perfect and wanting to please everybody - especially Blake because he's one of my biggest influences. But being around him, he's very down-to-earth and it makes me feel comfortable. It's been great to work with him and I've already learned a lot, and I can't wait to learn more."
There's a video on You Tube that suggests you have a very good relationship with the other members of Team Blake, namely Caroline Glaser, Christian Porter, Jacqui Sandell, Grace Askew, Savannah Berry, Danielle Bradbery, The Morgan Twins, Justin Rivers, Michelle Raitzin, Trevor Davis and The Swon Brothers?
"Yeah I do. There was the time between the blinds, when we were getting all geared up for that, we had a lot of time to ourselves where we could get together and just talk and get to know one another, and we've formed really close relationships.
"I think the biggest difference about this Season Four is that we're all so close and we love each other so much. It's gonna make for an interesting season!"
"I would say I'm confident in what I have," concludes the ambitious singer, discussing her chances of 'going all the way' in the competition, "because every time I come here to California, I have this unexplainable sense of peace and I really feel like God is the one that's given me that.
"I don't even know how to explain it because I should be the most nervous person in the world right now... I have so much pressure on me to do well in this competition and that should get to me, but every time I'm here, and I go on stage, I just have this unexplainable sense of peace and I don't know where else that comes from, but God.
"Right now, I have a sense of trust. No matter what happens - even if I go in there and I totally bomb and I screw up - I really just feel like I'm in God's hands. No matter what happens, I'm gonna be okay and I'm gonna be successful in music."
The next stage of The Voice, 'The Battles', starts Monday April 15th at 8pm on NBC.
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