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Public school crossword claims US conservatives restrict freedoms

By Andrew Moran     Apr 11, 2013 in Politics
Union Grove - Are American conservatives a bunch of authoritarian ideologues that want to restrict personal freedoms? Eighth-grade children may think so after they were assigned a public elementary school crossword.
Tamara Varebrook, a local Wisconsin conservative activist and a parent forwarded a photograph of a crossword that eighth-graders were given as part of a civics assignment. Students at the Union Grove school district were given a crossword to learn about politics in the United States and the differences between liberalism and conservatism. Some of the clues and answers may have perplexed some people.
The crossword states that conservatism is “the political belief of preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms...” Meanwhile, students are taught that liberalism is “the political belief of equality and personal freedom for everyone, often changing the current system to increase government protection of civil liberties.”
The photo was originally posted on Varebrook’s Facebook page to share with fellow parents who may be concerned about the political bias and perhaps even indoctrination at their local school. Varebrook explained to the outlet that she was disturbed by the definition.
“The definitions of conservatism and liberalism make me sick. I think it’s horribly distorted and it’s biased,” said Varebrook. “It’s insinuating conservatives don’t believe in people having civil liberties. That it’s only for old-fashioned fuddy-duddies. That’s completely negative. It’s completely false.”
On the back of the crossword is a political survey. It lists statements and asks each student to circle it and to give themselves one point for liberal and one point for conservative. “It’s about guns, it’s about freedoms, it just goes on and on.”
She didn’t blame the teacher, however, but rather the curriculum that these teachers are forced to teach. Varebrook plans to email her daughter’s teacher and inform them of the political bias in the schoolwork.
The school board has yet to issue a statement on the crossword.
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