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article imageHas Kim Kardashian purposely gained weight to gain a diet deal?

By Marcus Hondro     Apr 14, 2013 in Entertainment
Rumors, innuendos, speculations and flat-out accusations are hounding the pregnant Kim Kardashian. It all concerns weight she's putting on; it's natural of course to gain while pregnant but she's gained, some say, far more than normal.
This is where all of the rumors etc. come in and there are two strains of thought floating about in the media: 1) she's gaining weight because she's terrified that Kanye West is going to leave her and as a result can't stop eating or 2) she's gaining weight so that she can gain a contract on a reality TV show.
"(Kim) knows what she’s doing by showing off her heavier figure and stuffing her face in public," "In Touch" mag claims a source told them. "The more she looks heavy and out of control with her eating, the more she will be worth. Everything Kim does is on purpose.”
Kim Kardashian: worried about weight gain?
She's been showing herself in public stuffing desserts and other foodstuffs, and it hasn't been a pretty sight. 'In Touch' also said their source told them that: "I wouldn't put it past her to blow up just so her weight loss is more dramatic. The way diet company deals are structured, bonuses are often built in for losing more weight in a shorter period of time."
Whatever the case, Kardashian is getting big. Is that a concern? A obstetrics-gynecologist, one who hasn't treated Kardashian, told 'In Touch' there is the possibility of a health risk to the child. “When a pregnant woman gains an excessive amount of weight, her baby tends to gain weight also,” Dr. Eva Pickler told 'In Touch'. “And there is evidence that it may increase the baby’s risk for diabetes in the future.”
On March 28, Kardashian was on The Tonight Show and commented on her weight gain. “I have the rest of my life to be skinny and to lose the weight,” she told Jay Leno. “I’m not really worried about it.”
Kardashian's due date uncertain
And finally, Kardashian and West gave her due date as mid-July but another report has it that she was overheard telling someone the date is in fact mid-June. The rumors, speculations, etc. there have it that she was looking to gain a month with her baby without media following them around.
It's also speculated etc. that Kardashian wants a month free after her baby's birth in which to lose weight.
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