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article imageThe End Of The World is here. What might actually kill us?

By Matthew Hendricks     Apr 10, 2013 in Science
How many times will this earth be destroyed? Let's take a look at some of many world end scenarios, that have either come and gone, or are still coming.
Recently Huisgenoot had a look at all the Doomsday prophecies that people seem to love to be so scared of, that spring up like epidemics.
21 December 2012:
Yes, we all heard this one. Erronously based on a half baked idea that an Ancient Mayan calendar shows this date as the end of everything, those who sold preparation kits and books made thousands by scaring their fellow man into buying this theory. The date of course came and went and though we may look dead, we're just overworked.
Harold Camping:
Yup, the old stereotype of a melodramatic American evangelist, Harold Camping first scared his poor misled followers into believing his Biblical calculations show that The End would come in September 1994. He then changed this scare date to 31 March 1995. Then to 21 May 2011. When people were still alive after all these dates, he said he wasn't wrong because the world did die on a "spiritual" level. May we rest in peace.
Hadron Collider:
People feared that this particle accelerator would create micro black holes that would swallow the earth. Of course it's been turned on since 2008, so it seems being swallowed up doesn't make a difference. Or we weren't swallowed up into micro black holes after all.
Y2K bug:
Apparently since some computers showed the date as two digits without the century count in front, this would create everything from economic meltdown to aeroplanes falling to nuclear wars destroying mankind, and people and machines believing they travelled back to the year 1900, when in fact the year 2000 had just started.
The Seekers:
This American UFO cult believed that on 21 December 1954, aliens would come save them while the earth is destroyed by a worldwide flood.
Halley's comet:
In 1910, a Chicago observatory believed there is poisonous gasses in the comet's tail that would kill all people and animals on earth. Sellers of gas masks had a spike in sales.
America seems the breeding ground of religious end-of-the-world fanatics. The followers of William Miller, a baptist lay preacher, waited on their roofs in 1844 so that they wouldn't crack their skulls when The Rapture took place. The Rapture didn't take place.
Hen of Leeds:
A hen started laying eggs with the words "Christ is coming" on them. People started praying like mad, but later discovered that a prankster is etching the words on the eggs and then forces them up the chicken again so she can lay them. Ew.
German Flood:
Astronomist Johannes Stoffler predicted a world flood in 1499. Count Von Iggleheim was but one who made preparations such as, in his case, building a 3 storey ark on the Rhine river. In 1524, on the long awaited day, it started raining and people ran for the ark, a stampede in which hundreds died, including the Count.
Red Nose
NASA believes this one is actually plausible. In 7 billion years, the sun could expand in a "red nose" phase, destroying the earth as the expansion grows beyond our earth's orbit around the sun.
What might actually kill us?
According to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, our likely demise will come from the actions of members of mankind, directly related to warmongers' favorite obsession: Nuclear weapons.
After 1945's atom bomb escapades, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have started a Judgement day clock, with midnight as The End. Currently it is on 5 minutes to midnight. The closest it's ever been to "midnight" was 11:58pm, in 1953 when America and Russia tested Hydrogen bombs that make the life-threatening atomic bomb look like a firecracker.
Climate change is also on their list of immediate dangers to mankind's survival.
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