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article imageAtari Experiences a Revival

By Alexander Balzer     Mar 5, 2003 in Technology
Many veteran computer fans still have a warm spot in their hearts for words like "C64," "Amiga 500," and "Atari ST" as they look back fondly on the good old pioneering 1980s when they first played a game on the computer. While those days are long gone, moving into the modern era of computing no longer necessarily means doing without "nostalgia games."
Computer emulating programs can use modern PCs to simulate other computers, particularly older ones. Lots of the old games written for the Atari computer can be found for free on the Internet. While the games are not always identical, they're close enough for Atari fans.
Classics such as "Pong," originally programmed for the Atari in 1972, would hardly bring a smile to the faces of hard-core fans of today's games, spoiled by graphics-intensive masterpieces and thunderous soundtracks.
Games such as "Asteroids" or "Space Invaders" that invited players to clear the screen of aliens or space rocks were cult hits on early home computers. In the age of 8-bit processors, these games were standard in the software collections of avid gamers.
"Giana Sisters" was also a popular game written for the Commodore C64, one of the original home computers. This was a jump-and-run game, one that is still well known today.
The Amiga version of the game "Lemmings" has also been converted so that it works on PCs running emulators. The game's little creatures, each equipped with different talents and tools, creep about the landscape and fall into ditches—often of their own making—unless the player carefully manages them.
Among the shoot 'em ups of the early days of computer games was "Bubble Bobble." Armed with soap bubble cannon, the player had to capture enemies within bubbles, which the player could then pop. Bubble Bobble is now available as well.
All of the nostalgia games mentioned here—and more—can be found at a number of sites on the Internet, including To equip your PC with an emulator, you want to check in at an emulation sites such as Emulators Online ( ).
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