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article imageRocket Science Labs finding a need and filling it with inventions

By Andrew Moran     Apr 9, 2013 in Technology
Los Gatos - Legendary inventor Thomas Edison said, "Find a need and fill it." The inventors, innovators and scientists at Rocket Science Labs are doing exactly this with their product development and hard work by its owner Dennis Fountaine.
The free market allows the entrepreneurial spirit to develop a good or service that makes our lives easier, simpler and enjoyable. Bill Gates did this with Microsoft, John D. Rockefeller did this with reducing the price of kerosene and Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell did this with the telephone.
Dennis Fountaine is an inventor of the modern era who hopes to also make our lives less difficult and improve the standard of living in this world. By establishing Rocket Science Labs and Rocket Media Labs, Fountaine is able to conceive of new ideas and put those conceptions into practice.
Graduated from Syracuse University, Fountaine first found himself working in the entertainment industry where he worked as a cameraman, writer, editor and director. He credits this work for his creativity and originality.
For close to three decades, Fountaine has been conceptualizing, researching, producing, licensing and experimenting with new products and technologies. Establishing Rocket Science Labs in 1991 in the state of California, Fountaine has created a long list of consumer products in the marketplace and in development for both humans and pets.
His list of invention achievements include home entertainment, consumer electronics, law enforcement and security products, food items, automotive goods, pet toys and cellular telephone-based products. Several of Fountaine’s present developmental products are:
- Pet PlayPen
- Hollywood Movie Machine
- Stadium Sticks
- Calming Senses
- Baby Bidet
By noticing market trends and adapting to consumer demands through market and consumer research, Rocket Science Labs has been able to continue being a step ahead. This has led Rocket Science Labs to be showered with numerous accolades by industry organizations and leaders and be given several distinctive awards.
In an interview with Investment Underground, Fountaine is presently working on anti-aging and reverse aging research. This could perhaps allow humans to live healthier lifestyles and be around well into our hundreds. At the same time, Fountaine is also developing entertainment devices where viewers of media can feel the emotions of actors on our screens.
“My ultimate and life-long project is The Legacy Project, a secure underground facility, which will house copies of the world’s technology, art, music, literature, entertainment, media, places and cultures, as well as personal DNA with family and cultural histories. The Legacy Project will preserve who we are as people and planet,” said Fountaine. “I will continue to conceptualize, invent, innovate, develop and research the technologies and products that will make our futures more exciting, entertaining and livable.”
Will you imagine the future?
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