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article imageVideo: Japanese girl cheered as she threatens to massacre Koreans

By Brett Wilkins     Apr 8, 2013 in World
Osaka - A recently-uploaded YouTube video in which a Japanese girl rants against Koreans and threatens to massacre them has gone viral.
The video, which was posted last week, was recorded during a February protest in Osaka. In it, a school-aged girl dressed in a short skirt, long socks and cat ears and armed with a megaphone is cheered as she threatens Koreans living in Japan.
"Hello, Koreans who live here in Tsuruhashi," the girl begins, referring to the Osaka neighborhood known as Korea Town. "And hello fellow Japanese people."
"I hate the Koreans so much I cannot stand it," the girl continues as several people at the demonstration sound off in agreement.
"I just want to kill them all now," she then shouts. "If they want to be that arrogant, we will start a Tsuruhashi massacre like the Nanjing massacre," she says, referring to the 1937 Japanese mass-murder and rape of the old Chinese capital in which an estimated 250,000 people died.
"Yes! Yes!" the gathered demonstrators then enthusiastically shout in unison.
"If the Japanese are angry, we can do that," the girl continues. "We will start a massacre!" Again, more shouts of agreement. "Go back to your country before we start a massacre," the girl implores any Koreans listening to her. "This is Japan, not your country. Go back to your country. Go back!"
The release of the shocking video comes at a time when Japan is increasingly on edge as North Korea continues its nuclear saber-rattling. The brutally authoritarian regime in Pyongyang is incensed over United Nations sanctions and US-South Korean military exercises that North Korean leaders perceive as threatening. The isolated dictatorship has threatened to launch a nuclear attack against "major targets" in Japan as well as South Korean cities, US military bases in Japan and the Pacific, and even cities in the United States.
While North Korean missiles are not capable of reaching US shores, all of Japan is well within striking range. Tokyo has responded to the latest threats by placing warships armed with anti-missile systems on alert.
"We are doing all we can to protect the safety of our nation," Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga said over the weekend.
As for the safety of ethnic Koreans living in Japan, while there is a history of terror attacks against them at times of increased tensions with North Korea, there have been few reported incidents during the current crisis. There are currently more than half a million Koreans living in Japan. The Korean peninsula was brutally subjugated and ruled by Japan from 1910 until the end of World War II. During the war, Korean slave labor helped fuel the Japanese war effort and thousands of Korean women and girls were forced into sexual slavery as 'comfort women' to serve Japanese troops.
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