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article imageOp-Ed: Syrian rape 'fatwa' hoax exposed

By Alexander Baron     Apr 8, 2013 in Entertainment
In the West, the word ‘fatwa’ has a bad reputation. The word rape has or should have a bad reputation everywhere. Alas, both have the ability to shock, especially when used in the same sentence.
I wasn't going to write anything today, even the death of Margaret Thatcher and the hour plus eulogy the half hour BBC one o'clock news programme delivered to this war criminal couldn't tempt me, but when I saw the headline NEW FATWA PERMITS RAPE OF NON-SUNNI WOMEN IN SYRIA and similar, I couldn't resist, even though I haven't yet recovered from the Landen Gambill campus rape hoax and the gullibility of those who spread this non-story to the four corners of the Earth.
Is the current story credible? Sure it is, we have our own clown clerics, heck, we've even had serial killer doctors here in the civilised West, so we should expect any atrocity of those wicked A-rabs. Shouldn't we?
What I didn't expect is that it would take me less than five minutes to find someone who had debunked this hoax. Here is a short video by a guy who calls himself AgentOfDoubt. Right on the money, bro.
It remains to be seen from whence this particular hoax came, though it seems likely it did not originate with Islamophobes but from one faction of so-called Moslems who are intent on whipping up hatred against another. Whatever, so called journalists - citizen and otherwise - should exercise a little skepticism before parroting this sort of garbage. I mean, do the words Monita Secreta ring a bell, the Protocols Of Zion, surely they must have heard of the MJ-12 saucer crash documents? Actually, this latest hoax is similar to some of the calumnies that were directed against the Talmud by anti-Jewish cranks and hatemongers like John Andreas Eisenmenger and August Rohling.
If it doesn't already have a religious angle, it soon will have, perhaps as yet more evidence of unique Islamic wickedness with the subtext that we should bomb Iran.
People really should do some basic research before they parrot this inane garbage. The situation in Syria is bad enough without adding fuel to the flames.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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